Fair Weather Wedding

Last week was Charlie’s final week of summer vacation. He missed the Minnesota State Fair last year because of school, but he was NOT about to miss it again. So since Friday was going to be a very special day, we hit the fair opening day on Thursday.

Turns out…great day to go to the fair. We took the A-Line bus there, which Charlie’s been dying to ride on since he first saw one.

If you’re not into machinery and vehicles, don’t go to the fair with my kids. The first thing we hit were the snowplows.

Henry loved that this was a pick-up end that you could attach to a regular car.


Then we found some ice houses. The boys were really into figuring out which would be the best one for Joe, Jim, Zach and Derek to buy for their fishing trips. We thought Joe would like this one, because he could just sit by the fireplace instead of fishing.


We brought the catalogue home and Charlie is still trying to figure out which one he should save up for. We had yet another detailed discussion about the options this morning.


Eco-Experience building was a hit


You could ride this bike and make the huge bike above turn


Learning about traffic


John Deere tent next to the huuuuge new ferris wheel. I heard it’s the biggest in North America, but you can’t believe everything you hear.


More ice houses!



Henry found his bunk


Molly the trolley took us to our next destination: a couple rides. Hot air balloon ride and monster trucks. We had to agree between the three of us, which was a trick, but we made it happen, and everyone was very happy.


Charlie was psyched to see the Sun Country tent. He’s such a brand guy.


This is a hat


Henry really wanted to see the animals, but Charlie didn’t. So we compromised with the Miracle of Birth Center: BABY ANIMALS!


He was cool with that.


I believe this was bunnies


On our way out, the boys decided the mini-donuts weren’t quite enough food, so we stopped for corn dogs. H went with mini dogs, which is a brilliant idea. Manageable size for a lil guy, but still enough food


We were aaaaalmost out the gates, when Charlie saw the golf carts. And we just couldn’t leave without checking those out


Then came FRIDAY!


They both got new shoes for Emma and Derek’s wedding. Charlie wanted something “cool and cute, but still fancy.”


Uncle Mark brought the newlyweds to our lunch in his awesome Desoto. My guys were impressed.


Have you been to Jax’ patio? It. is. magical.


Grandma Penny and Grandpa Steve made it as well, and we had a glorious time exploring the grounds of Silver Lake


Dad didn’t want Hennie’s shoes to get his clothes all dirty, so he held him like this. Which we all thought was hilarious. He looks like he’s carrying a ventriloquist dummy


The wedding was beautiful, the weather was amazing, and the whole day was just perfect. I thought the boys would have gotten tired/bored with the down time, since we were there early to set up and whatnot, but they were so busy and happy the entire day.

And then we had the weekend to recover.


3 Replies to “Fair Weather Wedding”

  1. The fair is a different ballgame when you go with boys!! But looks like you cover ALL the bases!!! I. Think he should go with the Ultimatr Ice House!!! Go big or go home!!!


  2. Who are those cute little men in these pictures?? Very handsome!

    Henry wins the fair with those mini corn dogs! They were my first stop at the IL state fair. 🙂


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