Finally, it’s cold!

I love an unusually warm day, but the past couple winters have been filled with so many unusually warm days that it makes the really cold days feel like the unusual ones. And that’s freaky, because I live in Minnesota. It should be cold. And when it just stays cold, you know what to expect. -10 sucks, of course, but it makes 5 degrees feel exciting! But you stick a 20 degree day in there, and it makes going back down the thermometer much more painful.

So we’ve finally gotten a good stretch of cold.


And…I know I just rambled about low temps, but when it does warm up a bit, we get to do some good snow molding!


Henry eating his friend.


We built this snowman about a month ago, and whenever it’s lost weight, we’ve packed fresh snow into it to keep it going. Henry requested I photograph him and his buddy together.


We got snow paint for Christmas, and the boys have fun sprinkling the color around. One day, Henry ended up dribbling it down the front stairs, which caused Joe and Sarah to have heart attacks thinking someone had gotten seriously injured.


This past weekend was the Novak winter cabin trip. I arrived later than everyone because I had my first Ceramics II class (!!!) on Saturday, but since it was MLK weekend, I still got plenty of time.

There is always a lot of game-playing, and the boys are starting to join in more. Henry just uses the game pieces as toys, but Charlie taught people how to play a board game he brought up, and he even joined us in a full-on game of Quiddler. It was so fun to play with him, and he was incredibly giggly and happy.


Little Dude went skating for the first time, and did a great job


He decided that going on the snow is a whole lot easier than going on the ice, but he definitely did a good chunk of both


Charlie was Mr. Snowball Man


A few of us skated Henry around, so he could feel what it’s like to go fast on ice. But that was reeeeally tiring. I preferred skating side-by-side with him holding his elbow.


Look at these fellers!


Hi Joe!


Dog pile on top of Katy!


One of my Happy Places.


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