The best days

School’s out, and we are LIVIN. Not many times in life where you can spend your whole week living spontaneously. I have the joy and privilege of getting to do that for the next few months, and I’m loooooving iiiiiit!

Charlie and his buds were not so sure about school ending, so a few of us Moms helped ease the transition by meeting up at Grand Ole Creamery.


There was a lot of silliness to go around, and the kids helped each other feel much better.



A few days after, we got a last-minute visit from Grandma!


Hunting for hidden symbols around the playground


Following MLK’s path


“I’m Super Man! Grandma, come fly with me”


Go Grandma! Go Grandma! Go Grandma!



There’s an old stump hidden amongst the bushes between our house and the neighbor’s. She hid a tin in the stump for Henry to find. It was filled with birdseed and a note telling him to sprinkle it on the sidewalk where he could watch from a window.

It worked! The boys bird-watched and had a ball doing it


O turned 3, and to celebrate, we decorated mini-cupcakes. That’s my kind of birthday party. Disaster Area cakes, I used to call them.


There’s his lil bro! I believe he’s attempting to eat my name tag in this shot


Frosting and sprinkles, man


They had themes for each of their cupcakes. This one, I believe, was to look like it was on fire.


There’s the man of the day and his proud mama…and Henry reaching for more sprinkles.


Summer is great for endless reading


Summer is great for ditching schedules and just doing what feels right


And summer is great for Adventure days. Joe’s family members like to take the boys on Adventures. Henry went on one the other day with Grandma.



That left Charlie and me with the whole wide metro area to choose from. He said he’d like me to take him to the Twin Cities Model Railway Museum.


And it was a very happy three hours we spent there


They even had a special Lego setup on loan from a regional club. Charlie and this guy spent a lot of time fixing the trains, which kept getting stuck in one way or another.


I love a good Doctor cameo



Are they birdwatching again?


Oh no, this is construction viewing. There was a skid steer doing work outside our house the other day (gas lines? sewers? something like that, I think). We were watching right up close, but then the worker informed us he was getting out the equivalent of a concrete buzz-saw and it was going to be dangerously loud, we had to head indoors. But the watching needed to continue, of course.

Charlie reading to Henry at bedtime. Not a common occurrence, but beautiful when it happens.


And our big project while Daddy’s at Lake of the Woods for the weekend is to figure out what color to paint our bedroom. They helped me pick out paint samples and apply them to the wall. They each, while both equally enthusiastic (who doesn’t love permission to make marks all over a wall?!), definitely have different physical approaches to this task.


Henry uses every muscle in his body


And Charlie maintains the posture of a gentleman.


And they both get the freakin’ job done. So will it be Pelican Hill green, Sparkling Waters blue or Sassafrass Tea brown? I know you’re dying to know!

Time will tell