Straight to Summer

We got no spring here in Minneapolis. Straight from blizzards to blazing temps.

Luckily, we’ve got the Novak cabin to escape to.

Derek joked with Henry that he brought a saddle for Kona (their dog) so Henry could ride her. Here’s Katy’s great documentation of Hennie processing that idea.


Kickin’ it on the swing


Hammock Time!


Both dogs came to the cabin, so there was some good quality canine time. Both boys really got comfortable by the end of the weekend, but Charlie was all in right away!




Us big kids hit the Namekagon for some kayaking and self-led karaoke


SUCH a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Before that, we’ve just been enjoying finally being able to be outside all the time. Henry’s really dived in to biking. He’s at an awkward stage where his trike is too small and Charlie’s bike is (obviously) too big, but he doesn’t let that stop him!


He’s grown so much! We need to raise that seat.


Needless to say, the bike shop will be visited by us this week so Henry can book it on some appropriately-sized wheels.

After the snow finally disappeared last month, we went for some nice walks along Minnehaha Creek. Somewhere along the way, we found some remnants of an Easter Egg Hunt. It reminded the boys that since we were on a train for Easter, we never got to do any of the Easter things, like baskets or egg hunts.

So a week later, we did a very belated Easter Egg Hunt!


Henry used his trike as transportation for the hunt. Made finding eggs difficult, but he had fun anyway.


Switched to foot mode eventually


Treasures! They especially liked the set of super mini colored pencils that came with an appropriately-sized sharpener and eraser.


I don’t do as good as Grandma Jan, but I’ve at least learned well from her over the years.


This all happened on a Thursday (usually family dinner night in Lil Canada), but for whatever reason it was cancelled that week. It was also a night Joe wasn’t going to be able to be home until after bedtime, so we added Pizza Luce to the mix and made it a fun evening, despite the usuals that were being missed.


Yesterday, we had a long overdue playdate with good ol’ O!


It was so fun to see how big he’s getting, and to notice how different their play together was. They can finally truly play together instead of just side-by-side with constant issues of wanting only what the other kid has.




Camping/hiding in the basement 🙂


Big Kids!!!


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