Gettin’ After It

Alright, two-wheeler…you ready for this?!


We’re working on the balance thing (did you know teaching a kid to ride a two-wheeler is even more exhausting than learning?), but it won’t be long. And anyway, it was time, because THIS fella has been dying to ride a bike, and turns out, what used to be Charlie’s bike is just great for him. He’s a biking machine.


Happy birthday, ‘Merica! We had a gathering at our house, which was lovely, and I was lucky enough to get to celebrate with Julia.


She and Francisco really took the lead on the sparkler-type thingies we got, because I was too afraid to light them. The instructions said, “light end and get away,” so I skipped ahead to the “get away” part.


Turns out, they weren’t so scary.


Four mornings a week in the summer, Charlie has done swim lessons at Southwest High School. It’s been a wonderful way to start our days, and a great place for Charlie to learn about the water.


And it’s been a special time for Pookie and me to hang out and entertain ourselves. Last summer we did a lot of Mother Goose, but this summer he’s been going for books about animals. The other day he took 45 pictures with my camera.


Including this nice one of Charlie doing the back-float.


This weekend was Joe’s cousin’s graduation open house, which was right by a Lebanon Hills regional park. Naturally, he took us there first, and we had a lovely adventure.


There was a creek…so…ya know…


When he makes this face and motion, he is invariably saying, in a Muppety-voice, “Hallo Mama!”


Henry asked Joe if they could build a dam, and that’s Joe’s favorite thing in life…so, again…ya know…




The bath at the end of the day, I believe, must have felt quite good. Especially since bubbles were requested.


Today was another busy day. After church, we went straight to birthday gift-shopping and then soon after headed right to a birthday party of one of Charlie’s friends. It was a bunch of 2nd grade boys in a backyard with water balloons, a hose and a trampoline.


Good recipe


After that, Charlie and I picked up Joe and Hennie from the creek, where they spend the bday-party-time, and headed to St Paul to enjoy the Little Mekong Night Market off of University & Western. The food was delicious, and the company was awesome.


Charlie even got to sit in the driver’s seat of a police SUV


We did family-style sharing of everything so we could try a lot. Including an appetizer of…ice cream sundae?


Which came with a lollipop stuck inside


Find a cuter kid. I dare you.


Alright…it’s a tie!


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