Water Air Soil

Last week, the boys took Jedi Knight Training through Minneapolis Parks & Rec. They loved it. It was also an especially hot week, so every day after their class, we hit some kind of water. There was a wading pool at the park the class was at, so that was a good option. We also drove right past Lake Harriet on the way home…and being there is always a good life decision.


Charlie’s in the red top, right next to one of the red floaty-balls marking the swim area. He’s gotten so brave in the water this summer.


Beautiful Lake Harriet


See those buildings? That’s the direction we headed right after this.


It was Members’ Night at the Walker Art Center’s rooftop Mini Golf course.

The first line of this sign really tickled us. “Guess What? Chicken Putt!”


Here they are being sculptures for me while I take my turn. They kind of crowded the hole there…


Gotta love PLINKO




This weekend, Joe was in Omaha. That meant he had to miss out on the Big River Farms Open House. But there was no way we were going to!


Jim joined us this year, which definitely made the wagon ride through the fields more comfy for Hennie


It was a glorious day


Henry took over the camera during the ride. That means I ended up with 75 pictures of people’s feet/the couple sitting directly across from us, and then the battery died and there were no more pictures of the day.

In this one you can kind of see the hoop houses


And then there’s Charlie and me


This one shows off my cool shoes.
“Princesses never cross their legs in public. Why don’t you just tuck one ankle behind the other, and place the hands gracefully on the knees.” -Princess Diaries


Blue, blue skies!


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