Jon got married, so we got to go to Vail to celebrate!

It was so very lovely to be along a creek in the mountains (sorry it’s blurry, not sure what happened)

Joe moved some stones around

We got to hang with GREG!!!!!

The weekend went by all too quickly, but luckily, even after Sun Country tried to foil all of our plans, we still got to have lunch with Jack and Tina on our way back through Denver. YAY!

Then we got to get back home to our boys. Henry the Pirate was already asleep when we got back, but we did get to kiss Charlie goodnight before his first day of second grade.


Now that Charlie’s back in school, what do we do?




Well, we joined forces with Em and O and P




Iiiiiit’s an apple orchard!


And we were some of the only people there, it being early in the season


These two boys are so silly together


Nothing like being surrounded by fields of apple trees


Fresh picks


and fresh eats


Fresh baby!


Henry took the camera from here


Hello cute boy!


My folks came up this weekend, and along with lots of games and sillies, we also got to enjoy oodles of outdoor time.

Charlie has recently figured out his two-wheeler, so my parents suggested a ride to the ice cream shop so they could see him in action. Henry needed some air in his tires first.


Sorry, I have no biking Charlie pics yet. He’s still new at this, so his bike rides are me hustling alongside him on foot. No time for photos

The next day was a hot, sunny Saturday, so Joe suggested the beach! Henry took it upon himself to excavate a mini lake next to Lake Harriet.


The water was a welcome relief from the heat


Henry kind of thought Daddy was a pony with t-shirt reins. Not sure that shirt will ever be the same.


Heading over to Bread & Pickle (or the Salty Pickle as we call it, because I misremember things sometimes) for some ice cream/popsicles


We gotta get this boy signed back up for gymnastics


Showering with the hose back at home is way more fun than using the tub


Shout out to Grandpa Mel for kicking my butt into gear and getting this posted. My camera was shoved into a pocket in our suitcase, and I couldn’t find it for about a month. Hence the lack of posting. But now we’re back in the game!

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