This weekend, we packed in a carnival at Charlie’s school, Trucksploration (getting to climb into and inspect up close all kinds of huge trucks) and Nicollet Open Streets (they close down a huge street and open it up for all kinds of fun). Unfortunately, I forgot my camera for all of those things. Luckily, today I remembered!

I’ve been wanting to get back to the Renaissance Festival for years now. This is its final week for the year, so I decided this morning that Henry and I would head that way.

Turns out…it’s not open on weekdays. But it’s not blocked off or anything, so since we’d driven 45 minutes to get there, we wandered the grounds anyway. It’s definitely just as fun when it’s closed. You can’t buy food and there’s no official entertainment, so it’s a whole different thing, but…we had the place to ourselves!

We climbed on everything there was to climb on.

All morning, Henry and I were pirates on the grandest adventure

Wandering through a maze is great when there’s no one else around

Especially when there’s a slide at the end.


Second giant Connect 4 board in 2 days

We even found a huge pirate ship to call our own!

This guy was so pumped.

Knights (aka: suits of armor) were our enemies. We followed them, fought them and hid from them throughout the day.

I was on a hunt all morning for the Fairy Wings Garden, but signposts around the festival grounds are kind of hard to follow. It was good encouragement for us to keep exploring the huge grounds, and it was definitely worth it. We both loved wandering through the woods.

It was so charming!

What a day!

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