Gettin’ Spooky

We’ve been getting into the Halloween spirit this October.


Henry’s tried out a lot of different costumes. Sea otter was the last idea he had, but I can already feel his interest shifting, so before I get sewing, I’ll be waiting a bit.


Henry’s also been taking a lot of pictures around the house. I guess he noticed I had been dropping the ball lately.


We’ve all been away as well. Joe took a trip out to the Great Smoky Mountains with some college friends.


The boys went to the cabin with the Novaks, so Joe and I had a weekend at home together.


Not sure what’s happening here, but it looks fun!


Joe and I went to Faribault and Northfield, and the boys and I spent a weekend in Des Moines as well. Stuffed animal fun is the best.


We went to Living History Farms, which was just as cool as I remembered it from childhood. Of course, we had spend some time looking at the old tractors, which is definitely the least interesting part to me.


The horses were  more my style


The boys were glad they don’t have to use most of the contraptions we saw! This one actually looked kinda fun, though.

IMG_2851 (1)

Walking from the church to the “town”


On Sunday, Bret, Leslie and I explored the cool new/old neighborhoods of downtown while the boys hit the Science Center with my parents. Henry loves a wind tunnel, that’s for sure.


Back home in Minneapolis, there’s a house near us that has about 50 electric jack-o-lanterns, and it made the boys reeeeally want to decorate. So we placed our Grandma Jan creations all about the house and added a few extra flourishes here and there.


Perfect fall scene. Homework spread out in front of Halloween décor and tea accoutrements.



Window cling fun! Thanks, Grandma Penny


And here goes Hennie with the camera again!


Charlie and I coming back from the bus stop


Our “spirit wear” came that day, so I tried on my new shirt.


Happy Fall, y’all!