We got to enjoy some wonderful days this past week. Starting with Grandma Rush’s 88th birthday/Thanksgiving celebration


We headed down to Des Moines on Wednesday, so I had to get a very special sewing project done first for Odie and David. Henry tested it out to make sure it was comfortable enough.


The weather in Iowa was so awesome while we were there. Sunshine!!!


Thanksgiving morning, this crew did the Turkey Trot through downtown Des Moines.


It was beautiful, and a great chance to chat with Bret and Joe, my 5K buddies. Leslie and my dad ran the 5 mile.


I liked the wall décor on this building by the finish.


We celebrated Thanksgiving with a magnificent feast at Arlys’ house. She was definitely the hostess with the mostest!


It looks like I’m explaining something to myself here. I wonder if I was listening to me.


It didn’t take long for the boys to warm up to things. Henry was an extremely animated rhinoceros for much of the gathering.


Charlie has been dying to get to a model railway setup at the Pella Historical Society for way too long. So finally, Grandma Jan made his dreams come true, and on the day of his 8th birthday, no less!

She also sweet-talked this woman in to giving him the tour of the working windmill he asked for.


He is appalled at the sleeping quarters of the miller. Apparently sleeping flat was for dead people, so they slept upright.


Helping get the windmill started


Afterward, we had pizza and cake at the Forsythe’s old/new house


The boys did the cake decorating


Happiest of birthdays to my love! EIGHT


To celebrate both of their birthdays, Grandma and Grandpa took them to see The Best Christmas Pageant Ever! at the Des Moines Playhouse. I think you can see they enjoyed themselves


While they enjoyed the show, Joe and I stocked up on T-shirts and tea in the East Village with Bret and Leslie.

Bring on that cold weather. We’ve got tea enough to get us through the winter!



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