You’re hot, then you’re cold

That’s Minnesota. One minute you’re in a sauna, and the next you’re dumped in snow. We’ve had something like that lately. It’s been alternately freeeeeeeezing and extremely pleasant.

Luckily some of the pleasant landed on the weekend. Coatless walk to Nighthawks!


Hanging in the backyard, looking at books and drawing with chalk. Feels like so long since we’ve been able to do this.


On our walk home from lunch, we went through MLK park. It was an ice-and-puddles-and-mud Wonderland!


Luckily, we had our boots, so we were able to linger and explore for a long time


Henry spent about an hour on the softball field, because in its small infield, it had a great combo of mud, ice and water.


He had me tromping around in all of it in various competitions and games


Charlie loved a sidewalk patch that was completely coated in smooth ice. It was like a mini-rink, and I could tell he had a whooooole story going on up there.


Saturday night, we went to Night Trains at the Twin Cities Model Railway Museum. The boys absolutely love it


A lot of pretty magical moments


And pointing


Some of the tables are pretty high, so a shoulder seat helped


The Lego table had a whole setup representing the St Paul Winter Carnival, which was definitely my favorite display of the night


It’s been good to get back into normal routine, though biting wind and low temperatures has made the walk to preschool less pleasant than usual. I got to be a trash lady in Charlie’s cafeteria, helping the kids sort things into recyclables, organics, and trash. I didn’t know about an hour and a half by trash cans, but honestly I had such fun! The kids were great, and I ended up with helpers without ever asking. It’s going to be my new Tuesday thing while Henry’s at school.


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