It’s snowing, it’s blowing

My neighbor’s grandson told her he’s been thinking a lot lately about when she would let him zoom matchbox cars through flour pretending it was snow. That’s certainly what driving around here has felt like a lot recently. I also thought that was a brilliant  entertainment idea!


Snowstorm City! He even took my sifter and started making it snow on top of the vehicles


With so much indoor time, Joe and I started a puzzle.


Last week Charlie had another snow day, but the temperatures were great, so we entertained ourselves outside for nearly two hours.


Charlie had a project going that I never did figure out, but he worked very hard on it. Henry mostly had his head in the sandbox. Literally


They also helped me with the shoveling. Before:




Joe surprised us all on Valentine’s Day with new books! He found a pirate activity book for Henry that has book in-the-book activities and suggestions for real pirate play. He dug all of it


This weekend, my parents came to town for what they thought would be a quick weekend trip. We had a great walk to lunch/sledding on Saturday followed by a good long time of playing in the snow when we got home.


Grandpa made a huge snow mountain that Henry and I tunneled a mine through. Charlie knocked down every icicle he could reach




Grandma realized the snow was actually packing, so we made this dude




It was a weekend full of fun and sillies


Unfortunately for them, Interstate 35 was closed on Sunday because of massive snow drifts. The National Guard had to go and rescue everyone on the highway and hotels were beyond packed. Luckily, they were stuck with us and not in Owatonna. The weather around here (besides low temperatures) was actually just fine.

Checking on the road status…again!

IMG_5559 (2)

They were able to leave this morning (Tuesday) and are currently on the road. So if you’re reading this on Tuesday, send safe and warm vibes their way!



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