Who. Are. You?


We’ve read a lot of versions of the Alice in Wonderland stories lately. When Henry found out his various picture books of Alice were based on a real, full-length story, he asked if we owned that one. So…I brought out all six editions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland I own. “Can…you read it to me now…?” he asks hesitantly.
YES YES a thousand times YES! I wanted to shout. Instead, I said, “Of course. Which copy would you like me to read from?” He chose the Annotated Alice, meaning there are all sorts of side commentary and minutia in the margins, but most importantly, the illustrations are large, bold, clear, and the book is big and heavy on our collective lap. It was the best. We read straight through up til the croquet scene, then had to stop because Charlie’s bus was due. That night, we finished the rest, with Charlie joining our group. I got to sing the Mock Turtle song over and over, because they loved it so much, and Charlie nearly teared up at the end of the night, because he’d had such a great time.

So basically my life is complete.

Today, we had a St Paul outing day on Cathedral Hill. We had lunch at Nina’s and then explored the Blair Arcade. It’s always reminded me of the room at the bottom of Alice’s rabbit hole, so it was a perfect time to explore it with the boys.


They took the photos down there, so they’re not so clear. But I love them.


Racing and chasing


Back home we’ve been doing a lot of creating. Henry and I had a railway-building session


The boys worked together on all of the wood craft kits they got for Christmas. They truly did it all by themselves, and their teamwork was outstanding. I was so proud!


Meanwhile, I put down some grass seed where our yard turned to mud pits from snow tromping. The boys and I also planted a bunch of seeds indoors today, so hopefully once warmth rolls around, we’ll have some good seedlings to transfer to the yard


There have been…gasp…barefoot days!!!! I’m so in love with the sun right now.


More projects


Last week, Henry decided at 5 pm he wanted me to make him a striped prisoner uniform. “Just…whenever you have time today…”

I did the most rushed of jobs, and it’s hilariously small and not fitted. But it suited his temporary needs. He wore them as pajamas that night, even though there’s no elastic in the waist, so he had to just keep hold of them all the time. He makes anything look cute, though.


Next, he requested we try to make our own version of Cheaters Monopoly. He’s fascinated by it in the store. Sensing a theme? But I’m always up for a creative project, so we did some cutting and drawing and printing. I’m pretty proud of the results, and best of all, it’s actually playable!


I’m not sure I’d ever played actual Monopoly before (not counting Monopoly Jr.), but now after making all the parts, minus the monies, which we borrowed from my Berlin Monopoly, I have a very good grasp of the game!


And then one night Charlie busted out Parcheesi! We also didn’t really know how to play that before, but we had fun figuring it out. I love this action shot of Charlie showing his enthusiasm


So anyway. It’s spring and things are feeling brighter and lighter. Getting to spontaneously stop by the park without having to gear up first is just such a joy.


I hope wherever you are, you can turn your day into a wonderland.


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