Here we go again!

Iiiit’s tulip time!


I know you Iowans already have had your tulips come and go. But mine are just now fully open, and they look so beautiful!


And check out the apple tree. We’s gonna have sooooooo many apples


And the lilacs are getting there. Their incredible smell is faint, but I know in a couple days they’ll be fully blooming and will be filling all of the vases I can find in my house


Baby plants are making their way along, too


Even indoors we’re celebrating the spring. I got beautiful cards and flowers for Mother’s Day, as well as some delicious coffee and absinthe.


This one, too!


The boys all picked me out this beautiful cake frosted to mimic a robin’s egg


Haaaaappy Mother’s Day toooo meeeeeee


Even my neighbor got into the spirit of the day. She hides treasures for the boys at what we call the “secret stump,” and this time she included a special mother’s day card and chocolate for me.


On Friday, we had dinner at the Tap Society and got to eat outside. I could not stop laughing when Henry was putting ketchup on his burger, because that sucker was so darn big!


And then I realized my big kid was holding a little teeny bottle of mustard. Love the inversion there


Of course, Henry ultimately needed both


Hi Joe!


I walked in to preschool yesterday to pick up Henry and saw this sign. Look at the note in blue. LAST DAY OF PRESCHOOL! Five years I’ve been walking the boys to and from this glorious place. I can’t believe that’s coming to an end.


Judson has truly been a wonderful part of our lives


We’ll just have to keep meeting up with friends at MLK Park through the summer. Henry’s always been a big swinger, but lately he’s really gotten good at pumping. He’s very proud. I was a little late on snapping this pic.


We’ve also been able to draw more chalk cities and finally hang the laundry outside. It takes a day or so to dry on the rack inside, but 10 minutes in the sun, and BOOM! It’s warm and dry. I think the theme of my life is this: The Sun is Magic.


Have a fantastic day


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