School’s Out

Charlie has had a great second-grade year.


His good friend hosted an end-of-year pizza party that included water fun, and I think they all hoped it would never end.


Field Day was always one of my favorite days of school. I’ll never forget the year that Buster ran all the way home from Perkins after Mr. Randall shot off the starting pistol for the first time.

There were no starting pistols at Charlie’s field day, but it seemed like the kids had as much fun as I remember having.


Charlie and his partner did an impressive job at the three-legged race. “Once you get the rhythm down,” they said, “it’s so easy!”


The kids unanimously hated the sack race!


Recovery socialization after all the events


Henry and I were there for about half of the time, and in that time he spread about a million dandelion seeds. Have you heard, though? They’re okay now! They’re one of the only early pollinator plants, their roots aerate the soil, and you can eat their leaves. So don’t hate the dandelions


And just like that…Charlie headed off to his last day of second grade.


It was a lovely year, and he’s disappointed that it’s over. But summer has already proven itself. Lyndale Open Streets was Charlie’s big biking debut. He’s had a lot of temporary successes and almosts, but he biked four miles that day, and is now feeling much more comfortable.


Henry’s enthusiasm has helped, because it gets us out on our bikes as a family much more frequently.


The boys got some frisbees from some booth, so we had a quick disc brake on our way


Beverages were a must on such a beautifully sunny day


Look at these guys!


Enjoying a popsicle at the park…


while Henry dug some trenches


Look at this kid!




Joe and I have also had a big milestone. We had our 10-year college reunion last weekend! The boys went to the cabin for the weekend, but before they did, Henry got to join us for lunch at Café Mac.


I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to spend the weekend with our crew


I love that we’re in the background of this photo posted on the official Macalester website. Wonder who those people in the foreground are!


Class of 2009 Gathering


A lovely encounter with the MacDirect folks led to this silly photo of us with Talon


Learning about the letterpress in the new art building. I used to work in the Art Department, so it was weird to need directions as to where things were!


Down time on the Quad has always been the best


Diligent boys coming back from working out at the Leonard Center



It was hard for the reunion activities to come to an end, but luckily the separation was semi-gradual, including a day-long barbecue in the Whitesparks’ amazing backyard.


With a couple of babies around, the boys got to feel like big kids for once. They had some shenanigans in the “Baby Jail”


It’s hard when fun things end, but I will say it’s a great comfort that a normal day for me is spending time with these yahoos.


2 Replies to “School’s Out”

  1. How are they both so big already?! Wow.

    Hope all of you have a positively wonderful summer this year. I’m excited for your own adventures to kick up as you work toward becoming an art teacher!


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