Schoolyear 2019-20 Begins!


I’ve got two kids in elementary school!


And they are both loving it.


This past weekend, we got to hang out with my parents. They came up to see us, and it was an awesome weekend to be here. Not only was there a pancake breakfast and book fair at the elementary school, but Saturday was also Trucksploration!


At a school parking lot in Minneapolis, they gather buses, SWAT vehicles, fire trucks, buses, and nearly any other kind of vehicle you can think of. Then kids can get up close and personal with them.

This snowplow was a hit with my boys




Forget Pigeon…don’t let Charlie drive the bus!!!


Mom experiencing the “bendy bus”


What’s Charlie looking out of?


A SWAT truck. Freaked me out, but the kids thought it was super cool.


Hey! I’m on closed circuit TV in the Sheriff’s Mobile Unit


One of the stars of Minneapolis’ Mounted Patrol


In the evening, we had to make the walk to Pumphouse Creamery for the best ice cream in the Twin Cities.




The week before all of this was a big week for all of the Novaks. Here’s Joe Monday morning before his first day of his new job! He’s a Target guy again.


The day before that, Katy snuggled her month-old niece on her baby bump. This was barely a day before her own baby boy made his arrival into the world!


Since he arrived five weeks early, he is still in the hospital. But he’s getting stronger every day! The boys have been to see him twice, but I only finally got to meet him this weekend. Everyone send Luke healthy and healing thoughts!


This weekend was also Nicollet Open Streets. We started at the Farmer’s Market


Admiring the produce šŸ™‚


We got some breakfast pizza to get up our energy for the afternoon


The boys are always interested in the Washburn Millerbots’ booth. They’re the robotics club at the high school they’ll one day attend. I have little doubt that they’ll both end up in the club.


Finally, classic cars, of course.


Grad school has been wearing thin for me already, but there is a lot of consolation in the program’s brevity and that I’ve enjoyed my time observing in schools. Just got to make it to next June!


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