Minneapolis Meetings

We have gotten to play host to some delightful people recently. Two weekends ago, I got to have Meagan all to myself for five days!


One of the days was positively glorious weather, so we walked hung out near the river


Charlie requested we go out to see the Falls, and nobody had any objection to that


Especially not Henry


I would say “transfixed” would be a good word to describe his experience


Hello, old friend! It was wonderful to have her here. We weren’t able to get much sleep, because there’s so much to talk about!



Next, we meandered our way over to Nicollet Island


And then the playground on Boom Island


Henry miraculously learned to do the monkey bars!


Charlie decided it might not be such a bad thing to try, though it’s definitely harder when your legs are longer than the structure was designed for.




Donna had put a secret stump surprise out. The boys then had fun crafting their new wooden cars


After an interlude of school during the days and classes at night, we all made it to another weekend. Bret and Leslie came up to support one of their friends in her marathon-running endeavor!

Saturday was a poopy, rainy, dreary day, but we still all managed to get some walking (running for some) in. Ending the day at a brewery sounded like just the thing.


I asked Charlie to make a funny face, and I think he really succeeded


Chrysanthemum got to come along without even having to be hidden in her bag



Sunday was then an absolutely beautiful day. Couldn’t have been more perfect for the marathon.

That afternoon, we headed up to Little Canada for Family Dinner.
It was the first time baby Luke joined us!


Charlie and Henry are still figuring out what this cousin thing means, since babies are a bit confusing. But they’re very happy they’re here! Henry even posted all of his visitor badge stickers from seeing them in the hospital on his nightstand, “so I’ll have them forever.”

All of us our so happy for the wonderful new additions to the family. Can you tell?!


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