Autumnal Fun

It’s that cool, crunchy, crisp time!


Things have a touch of spooky to them in a way that I just love.


My school partner told me about a “farm market” in Eden Prairie that goes all out on Halloweeny stuff,  so we decided to check it out with both of our families.


Charlie thought the pumpkin tic-tac-toe and checkers were pretty cool


And both boys loved all the kitschy Halloween decor


Aieeeeeeee! It’s alive!!!!!!


Afterward, we headed to a nearby playground. It was an impressive setup, but this swing was the definite highlight for the kids.


Family dinner was cancelled, due to cabintimes, so we went bowling instead! Joe made our names, and Henry loved that his was Happy Hank the Hooligan


Halloween is this week, and we. are. ready.


That’s all I’ll say.

But Grandma Penny sent up some great crafts, so our house looks preeeetty awesome.


Joe and Henry came up with this idea together a few nights ago.


Then we all made a few monsters to add

IMG_0018 (2)

Yesterday was our big leaf-raking day! Our backyard tree kind of drops everything at once.

IMG_6616IMG_6618IMG_6621IMG_6623And finally, here we are preparing our jack-o-lanterns!!!


You’ll have to wait and see how they turn out

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