Where does the time go?

It feels like Halloween just happened, so iI’m shocked that we’re already halfway through November. I promised costume photos, and I shall not disappoint. Sorry to have made you wait. I’m obviously not the ‘insta’ kinda of person.

The weekend before Halloween, a local haunted house does a ‘lights on’ version during the day with less jump-out-and-scare-you stuff for ‘fraidy cats and kids. Joe’s parents took the boys, and it sounds like everybody had a good time. Plus they got a picture with this hearse.


When the 31st came, the boys were ready. Sometimes there are last minute costume or character adjustments, but this year they stuck with their initial plans: A vampire and a pirate.


So dapper. “I’m not Dracula, I’m just a vampire,” he kept telling everyone who answered their doors.


He. loved. his new hook hand. After trying to make several for himself over the years, I finally bought him a “real” one.


I was Lucy AKA Wyldstyle from the Lego Movie.


Joe threw on my wig from last year, so we were all quite festive.


Our first (or last, depending on the year) stop is always some socializing at Donna and Dale’s next door. This year the boys had fun with the super recliner.


My favorite part of Halloween is this guy. It’s a real pumpkin on his head. He walks around the neighborhood all night playing accordion, and I just think it’s fantastic.


The next weekend, we had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa!


They were lucky enough to be in town for a stuffed animal clinic a local Vet put on as a fundraiser for the boys’ school. Ted and Bear Bear went in for a check-up.


This guy was incredible. We four couldn’t stop squealing, because it was so darn cute.


The bear’s are all healthy!


On a final note, and completely off-topic: Henry wore Joe’s pants the other day. And it was wonderful.