Bye Bye 2019

We’re sending away this year with some family gathering times, and choosing to let them continue even after the new year arrives.

Our first holiday gathering was with the Rush family at a delightful little parks & rec center in Roseville.


First Christmases for my first niece and first nephew!!!!


It’s been raaawther snowy here in Minnesota.


We don’t mind


In fact, it was actually disappointing that we couldn’t sled when we got to Iowa!

Then we walked outside in that 60-degree weather, and let our disappointment melt away. The WHOLE Petersma clan came together this Christmas in Pella


Henry is enjoying his new drawing pens immensely


I love this picture of Bret trying out one of Charlie’s new sensory experiments. Blind spot, anyone?


Our generation


We had to get some winter activity in, despite the sunshine, so we hit Brenton Skating Rink downtown. Henry’s body goes into some delightful shapes when he’s skating.


We had an amazing week in Iowa. Outdoors nearly the entire week, including a multi-hour Rocket Ship Park adventure on Christmas day, where people were wearing shorts and t-shirts. Sadly, my camera stayed in my coat the whole week, so I only have the photos of others, and they end here for now.

So journey back north with me. We left early due to impending snow, and I’m glad we did. It was icy rain, so…yeah. Don’t want to drive in/on that.

Today it snowed all day, so lots of shoveling sessions. But it’s always good to get home. These pics are from the weekend before Xmas, but they’ll get you back into the Minnesota Mood. Check out these snowballs I rolled! Charlie thought they looked like good seats.


Then the boys both wanted to roll their own. So we ended up with four of them.


So why not a four-ball snowman?


Joe thought dirt might be a good way to add a face. Now we know that it’s actually creepy. But you live an learn!


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