I turned 33!

I celebrated with the boys by hanging at the coffee shop in the morning, and the Walker in the afternoon.


They are my masterpieces!


Henry enjoyed the cat videos in the lounge


It was a chilly day, so we didn’t linger long in the sculpture garden, but we couldn’t help but walk through it on the way out.


We found a Calder sculpture, which was super exciting for the boys. We just finished reading The Calder Game, which had oodles of descriptions of Alexander Calder’s work, so they were amazed to see some in real life.


The way to start a year off right is to go to two museums in one week, I say! So we took advantage of our new MN Historical Society membership and hit the History Center.


Lots of interactivity, I was impressed. Their coal mine even has drilling and TNT explosions, which Henry loved, though Charlie not so much.


Cranking a car to get it started




Many of you already know that I have a special blanket in my life. It was made for my older brother by a relative when he was a baby, and by the time one was made for me, his was already all soft and cozy. So I stole it.

Charlie was curious about it the other day. He always called his special blanket Chibba, so now when we refer to special blankets, we call them all Chibbas. Henry has a Chibba. Charlie has a second Chibba. Banky has become my Chibba. I explained that it used to have Care Bears on it, but that they’ve faded. Neither of them seemed to know what Care Bears were, so I googled it. Curious to see if I could find similar fabric, I searched for yellow Care Bear fabric, and lo and behold…someone was selling the exact fabric (specified as being from 1983) on eBay! I couldn’t resist putting in a low-ball bid, and they accepted.

So now, while my family is at the cabin, and I’m home due to a combination of night class and winter storms, I’ve got a project!


It give me shivers when I see the fabric after looking elsewhere for awhile. I get warm fuzzies to see a pattern associated with so much joy and comfort in my life. I know it so well, but due to fading I haven’t actually seen for probably twenty years. So fun!

Speaking of things that take you back, Henry got a Lite Brite this Christmas!


Whew! It’s so satisfying to pop those little bulbs through the black paper. Since they use LEDs now, it’s more the size of a tablet than an old desktop computer monitor!


That’s a picture Henry and I created together. It’s a semi-truck, heart, and rainbow coming from behind a cloud, of course.