Keeping Up While Staying In

Hey folks! 

I have good news. This particular blog domain is aaaaaalmost filled up, and I’ve finally decided to upgrade to a permanent ad-free domain. 

So you can see more of these guys, and less nonsense.

It’s a crazy week, what with it being our spring break. We’re taking day trips around Minnesota, and I have so much to show you! The old URL will still take you here, but for your info and for your typing ease, my blog is now found at:

Stay tuned!



Marching On

Hello Loves!


Greetings from Minneapolis. It’s a weird world out there, but we’re trying to keep it fun at our house. This morning the boys were playing with their marble maze set, I busted out the 1,000 ball bearings that Sarah gave to Joe once upon a time. They had a blast sending them through the maze! Then we cleared the table and just swooshed them around awhile. It was so satisfying!


I am currently suspended from my student teaching placement due to worldwide health concerns and all, but before that, I had a glorious 6 weeks at the high school.


I loved it so much, and was devastated to have to leave early and without warning.

We’re going backwards in time now. It was absolutely beautiful last weekend, so we went for a hike to enjoy it.


Henry pretended he was a sheriff the whole time. Here’s he and Joe having a duel.


We lost our snow this week, but before that, the warmer temps made it possible to play at the park, make a snowman and have a snowball fight!


Look at these sweeties on Mardi Gras Sunday! Loving the Boy Scout pancake breakfast at church.


And then funtimes with the babies in the afternoon!




Two weekends ago, Mom came up for a visit. While Charlie was in a Puzzles and Permutations Workshop, Henry and I took her first to coffee shop for some reading time…


…and then we were off to do some mining.



But anything’s fun when she’s around!!!!


This was at the MN History Center, by the way. We also figured out some ways to use bison parts, and enjoyed classic TV


Oh, and we climbed through some tubes pretending we were oats on our way to a boxcar.


(Mom did this with a broken wrist, btw. She’s such a champ!)



When Charlie was done, we grabbed some lunch and then headed to our backyard to enjoy the sunshine.


In the evening, we went to the Roller Garden to try some roller skating with the boys’ school. There was plenty of falling, but Henry still managed to kill it at Limbo!


Charlie was pretty nervous about being on wheels. He went around several times veeeeery slowly before he got a support rail. A friend of his was super sweet to pull him around for a bit. He told me it was scary, but this photo shows that there was definitely some joy there!


On our less exciting weekdays, the boys have really dug into family dramatic play. I especially liked when they built this couch fort! Reminded me of when Bret and I would turn our couch into a pirate ship.


Also, this dude is really coming along on his reading. Thanks, Dr. Seuss and his wonderful kindergarten teacher!


Be well, everyone!