Waiting Game

Three weeks ago, I spent the day at home instead of going in to my student teaching placement. I was so so so sad, and to be honest, I still am.

But once the rest of my family was ordered home, too, my mood improved. I feel extremely lucky right now. 

That being said, this sentence Hennie wrote the other day really sums up a feeling many of us share.

I do have to be honest that what he actually meant by that was that he loves and feels attached to his house. It feels like a part of him. It was Day 1 of schooling away from school, and he was not at all expressing that he felt quarantined. But it resonated with me in a different way, and I thought you might appreciate it, too.

Here’s Hennie’s new drawing area. We found the desk in the alley, and set it up even before any of this pandemic whatnot was going on. It just happened to be great timing for a home desk for him. The easel we brought out to facilitate school activities! Their teachers have been using these weeks to figure out how to send curriculum home for “distance learning.” That starts this Monday. But in the meantime, we’re doing our own thing to keep them in school mode. Sure it’s good for them to learn, but more importantly, it keeps them busy, gives us some structure, and helps keep life feeling more routine and less flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants.

Hoooooomeschooooolin’. Charlie’s working on doing more writing, and has been really interested in the Periodic Table.

The focus for Hennie is reading right now. He’s doing great!

Math and reading combo!

Reflecting on life

This whole thing has allowed me to keep practicing my teaching and planning skills. It also gives me excuses to pull out specific art materials that I might not otherwise bust out at home. Here we are experimenting with watercolor pencils.

Luckily for me and them, these boys often seem to be doing activities where they learn things. This is not a planned “science time.” They just wanted to do experiments!

Hennie being so into counting money for stories about pirates and robbers has created some beautiful opportunities for math. It also made him ask me to create some ‘gold’ bars, which was a pretty fun challenge.

The highlight of every day for me is recess time. The boys are super happy doing their work, but getting outside is HUGE. I feel like we all breathe easier and are more relaxed outdoors. The backyard is wonderful, but we’ve also discovered some unlikely places for exploration…including the cemetery across the street.

We honestly had a beautiful hour here, looking at names, playing hide-and-seek and tag, and just breathing in the fresh air.

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