Into the Woods

It’s a strange time when everything from just a day ago feels dated. So, these next few blog posts that will cover the past couple of weeks may end up showing things that are no longer conceivable. It is what it is. Go with me!

Two weekends ago, we headed to Eagan for a walk in the woods. It was just what we needed after our first week all working at home.

Joe found a hole where a tree used to be.

That day, these three got some quality time together, because I got a call from Julia while we were out. It was delightful to wander the woods while catching up with my dear friend out in Oakland.

I think everyone was happy!

We stopped by the old Sibley house on the way home. It’s allegedly the first stone home built in Minnesota, 170 or so years ago. Not open, of course, but the boys peeked in the windows just to check what they could see.

The first part of the next week, Charlie, Hennie and I headed to the cabin to meet Grandpa Jim. It was so good to be out away from the city and separated from the internet. We had a glorious and relaxing couple of days.

Prepping the ‘mallow roast.

Charlie’s become focused on achieving the perfect golden-brown marshmallow!

Check out Henry’s loose tooth!


He lost it while we were up there. His very first!

He soaked up as much swing time as he could,

And Charlie loved peace and quiet to read by.

The ice was just starting to break up on the lake, so the boys both spent a lot of time poking holes, breaking off chunks, and just generally playing on the dock.

So beautiful.

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  1. Hi;

    Sure glad I can get your stuff now as I love seeing the kids. They are growing so fast. You sure are a good mother. You do so much with them. They will remember those times when they are older. Take Care Love Aunt Moose


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