Still and not-so-still water

On our spring break Tuesday, we headed to Stillwater. The boys really enjoyed looking at and talking about all the boats on the river.

They threw lots of stones in the water while they did so. Henry found this piece of bark that he thought looked like a state. We took a picture so he could compare it to our states puzzle when we got home and figure out which one it is.

And nothing is a bigger hit than finding live construction. Dump trucks and skid steers. Can’t beat ’em.

The riverwalk was quite underwater, and the lift bridge was undergoing maintenance. So! That was a bummer.

But Charlie loves a good informational plaque!

We couldn’t go in anywhere, of course, but Leo’s had a take-out window for placing orders, and a patio to wait in with a specific pick-up table. Mmmmmm burgers!
It was cold, so we passed on the malts.

Henry created an ‘H’ with this stick.

The Teddy Bear Park was also closed. So we had our lunch on the wall outside it. It was a steep hill and tall walls, so it was kind of an exciting spot!

We hiked up the steep hill to the pretty residential area at the top of the hill. We all compared different strategies for making climbing the hill seem easier.

Here’s a little snippet

Up at the top, we found a big ol’ courthouse. By its entryway were activity books and architectural walking tour pamphlets. So Charlie guided us through the historic district!

When we were pooped, we headed to the Main Street Staircase to enjoy the view and take the steps down to our strategically-parked car loaded up with snacks and beverages.

Then we made our way up to Fairy Falls. I knew nothing about this place, including where the entrance actually is. It’s not marked or anything.

But we found it!

It was actually really exciting not knowing anything about what was here, because it meant the boys got to truly explore and discover. Here, Charlie is checking out a slippery, muddy way down that involves using a rope tied into the hill. We decided maybe not.

He was transfixed by the falls the whole time.

We tried another path.

With some wandering about and a tip from a high-schooler passing by, we found the right trail!

The base of the falls was glorious! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Charlie so happy.

He could have stayed there for hours. But then, I noticed that Henry had already started back!

We kept exploring for awhile, seeing where other trails led. It was a pretty magical day!

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