Enjoying our Area

We’re still following the exploits of our Spring Break 2020. We’ve now made it up to Thursday, April 2. Exploring further afield was really lovely, but we also love what is nearby. So we took one of our spring break days to enjoy some places in town. We had a whole list of spots all around the Twin Cities. But we ended up embracing all our time in in our own area. We never actually got further than 1.9 miles from home.

Henry had been filling out a ‘signs of spring’ scavenger hunt that he’d found at the Stillwater courthouse. One of the items he hadn’t seen/heard yet was frogs croaking. I was pretty sure I knew a place where we could find that: Roberts Bird Sanctuary. But before you even enter the bird sanctuary is the Peace Garden. Henry proclaimed that to be one of his favorite places ever, so we spent a lot of time there before going on our frog hunt.

Pretending to sleep on a bed of pine needles like the Boxcar Children.

‘Paper’ crane art

Surrounding the sculpture are plaques with step-by-step instructions for making an origami crane.

I found my own ‘sign of spring!’

Eventually, we made our way into the sanctuary, and spotted/heard some beautiful birds right away. No frogs, though.

It is so peaceful in there.

When you go the whole length and exit through the back gate, you find yourself right by the Lake Harriet Bandshell. It seemed a shame not to make our way back by walking along the lake. And then, despite the wind, the beach was calling.

Luckily, we’d been expecting rain and mud, so we had the proper footwear for enjoying some lapping waves. Having the beach to ourselves, we soaked up some:

zen moments

sensory fun


and, of course, some good sand engineering.

This is a fortress with guard towers. Obviously.

On the way home, we stopped to enjoy our PB&Js at the deserted Judson playground. The boys got in some good physics experimentation with weights and levers.

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