Final Spring Break Destination

First off, I want to spread some sunshine that was shared with me today all the way from Maine. Thank you, Lynns!

We took the Friday of our spring break off from outings. Because it snowed.

It ended up working out well, though, because then we were all rested and ready for a Saturday explore with Joe! Our final destination? New Prague.

We switched the order of things and did our hiking first.

It was pretty muddy from the melted snow, but we got inventive, including using logs as mud bridges.

Henry was in super scavenger mode. He found two amazing feathers, one was bright yellow, and the other was this huge goose(?) feather. He immediately started envisioning himself using it as a quill.

We all found some rushing water by following its beautiful sound in the silent woods.

It was mesmerizing.

Joe spotted this tree that was hollow, and Henry decided to crawl right on in.

It turned out that New Prague itself is quite…condensed. So we didn’t end up spending a great deal of time there. But it made for a quaint little walk.

I liked the old train station, although when I sat on the platform, my jeans collected zillions of splinters. I worked hard to get them all out, but I still find more every time I put them on.

When we made it home, Henry headed straight for his writing/drawing table. When you have a perfect quill, it’s important to get to writing straight away.

One Reply to “Final Spring Break Destination”

  1. I love how you had an ink pot at home for some very serious quill usage.

    Have really enjoyed getting the updates on spring break adventures! It’s been such a nice series of posts to read about when we’ve been mostly walking the neighborhood. 🙂


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