Henry slept funny, and ended up with a sore neck. Since he’s six, he didn’t believe us that he had to keep moving it to keep it from getting even more sore. So by the end of the day, one of his shoulders was several inches higher than the other, and he couldn’t move his head without lots of pain. I would periodically try to gently adjust him, and he would get so mad. So finally, I took this picture so he could see how wonky he was holding himself in what he felt was ‘normal’ position.

Then another in an actual normal posture, which he felt was wonky. He laughed and laughed when I showed him the comparison. He couldn’t believe it!

One of our spontaneous extracurricular activities last week was doing cat’s cradle and practicing knots. At the end of the day, several of our chairs and stools remained tied together!

We made it to the end of Mo Willems’ lunch doodles, which was a bummer, indeed. But turns out they’re good the second time through, too. Especially the one featuring Dan Santat. It’s a treat, and the boys cackle every time. In the pic below, you can see my drawing of Mo, himself.


He inspired some fun creations, including this crown. He was making one for his wife’s birthday, so I figured I’d make mine in honor of my impending graduation from grad school. This Friday would have been the ceremony.


Charlie turned one of his doodles into a terrifying monster that tried to eat his head!

Last Thursday, I thought I’d take us on a field trip. I have only glorious memories of Excelsior, so we headed there.

It was super beautiful, and the temperature was great. Should have been amazing. But the bugs!!!!!! It was so awful. We were actually happy to have masks, because it meant we weren’t afraid of the bugs going up our noses!

So, we enjoyed the view,

soaked in some sun,

listened to the lapping sounds of the water on the rocks,

and then got the hell out of town!

Hardly the afternoon I’d envisioned. But, the car ride allowed us some time with Bill Bryson on audiobook. So all was not lost.

I took a May Day Restorative yoga workshop (livestream), which included things like self-massage, yoga nidra, and some beautiful meditation and self-inquiry. I wanted to be surrounded in flowers for this, so I brought in some of my tulips, bought some of these pretty purples, and re-vased some of the remaining daisies from Lynn. It made the practice so beautiful, and also meant I had fresh flowers to put around the house afterward. It has been so nice to have them.

Spotted this guy in our apple tree!

The book series the boys have been super into over the past few months is called Sprinkle Sundays. It’s about three girls who work in an ice cream parlor. They get creative with the flavors and sundaes, one of which is chocolate chili.

We gave it a try! We each added our own chosen spice into chocolate ice cream that I’d made.

Charlie did chili powder, I did cayenne, and Henry did both plus curry powder. We had to top them off with “a sprinkle of happy,” like the girls do.

We all liked them all! Henry decided that next time, we should mix the spices in with the ice cream while making it, instead of sprinkling them on top. So that’ll be next time!

We’ve been loving having dinner outside on the patio.

Especially the other day, when Charlie had created a game for us to play after the meal.

He calls it ‘Race to the Castle,’ and it led to some fun figuring and re-figuring of rules to make the game work smoothly.

It led to some great laughs!

Happy Mother’s Day to the moms out there. I’ll update you next time on my glorious day today. Hope yours is wonderful, too.

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