Life is beautiful

As most of you know, I just graduated! Woot woot!

I actually have one more three-week course that I’ll take in July before I’m completely done with my program. But for all intents and purposes, I have my M.Ed. in K-12 Visual Arts Education.

I’m loving that it’s tulip time…even if Tulip Time couldn’t happen this year. Bringing them inside has been filling me with joy. Now it’s moving to lilac time, and I’m loving that, too.

Minneapolis had a free day off of school last week. So Joe declared that it would be  Pina Colada Day. The boys didn’t know what that meant, but they were excited, nonetheless. These days, anything that isn’t distance-learning is pretty darn exciting!

We’ve determined that 8:30 is school/work start time. It’s been a good move, because it allows us to have leisurely mornings every day without feeling bad that we’re not accomplishing anything. Henry loves the snuggle time, Charlie loves the reading time, and I love getting to enjoy my coffee while reading my great-grandmother’s life story.

Biking and walks in the late afternoon have also been happening more regularly.

The other night, Henry enjoyed pretending his bike was a machine he had to crank.

Our hairs have all been getting a bit long.

I gave some trims the other day that didn’t go awry enough for anyone to notice. When my mom gets to our heads, she might say differently. But we look acceptable on Zoom and from six feet, and that’s all that matters right now!

Did I mention I’m loving the spring flowers?


Fun things in the mail are also more appreciated than ever.


The boys’ school had a staff parade the other day. We made some big signs, because we were so excited!

It was so fun to see people as they drove by in their separate cars. I was thrilled even to greet staff members I didn’t know!

Mother’s Day lasted two days, which I loved. Saturday, we had social-distance celebration with the Novaks. It was the first time we’d been to their house in…I don’t even know how long! The boys were happy to bust out some of the things from their garage they’d been missing.


I tried out my new mask. I somehow lost my other one. They’re so small! I swear the washing machine ate it. So I had to fashion myself a new one. Then my sewing machine decided to jam mid-way through! It was quite the frustrating process. But I managed to finish it up by hand.


On actual Mother’s Day, it was cold and rainy.

But I wanted to go to Lake Harriet anyway!

They’ve closed all the roads around the lakes so that walkers and bikers can maintain distance from each other. It’s great!!!! I kind of hope they keep them closed from cars forever.

We had another cool-ish beach hang, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I pretended the lifeguard stand was my Mother’s Day Throne.

I had some nice visitors.



There was a canoe in a sea of tulips. So…we did some voyaging


On our walk back, we went through the bird sanctuary


Then we headed up to Eat Street to grab some banh mi for lunch.

All in all, a win of a weekend!

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