I love that a new color has been added to our hiking palette. We did so much hiking and exploring when the world was all browns and greys, that this new addition of green feels like a reward. We leveled up!

It makes Henry want to serenade the world!

He got to do a solo at my Zoom Commencement, which made him (and all of my classmates who are children-loving educators) so happy!

The other night after dinner I felt like a walk. I figured the boys would be hunkered down for the evening, but everyone was excited! So we walked towards the creek and meandered along. It turned into a beautiful three-mile explore.

Saturday, it was supposed to rain all day, so when we woke up and it was still dry, we hedged our bets and tried to get a morning walk in early. The rain never came, so we were able to enjoy the creek again, this time near Minnehaha Falls, to our hearts’ content.

Gotta love the roar of a waterfall.

And then from above


We found a cool walkway along some bogland.

I swear we didn’t graffiti this. There’s another Henny out there, apparently!

I hadn’t seen my parents since January, and that’s a terribly long time for us. So we finally figured out a plan where neither of us had to drive 8 hours in a day to social distance together. Meet halfway!

So Monday, the boys played hooky from school, and we had a Clear Lake day.

Charlie had fun asking my parents Harry Potter trivia questions. He just finished the seventh book, and was excited to talk about it. Henry enjoyed running along the water and tossing in rocks.

It was a rainy, cold day, and we all got wet. But I felt warm and fuzzy inside!

A friend of my parents has a lake home there, so we were able to at least shelter there for awhile. She had a nice big covered patio and everything.

It was also just down the street from an ice cream shop! It was no Snookie’s, but it served our purposes just fine.

Also nearby was a hilarious pirate ship patio. Here’s my dad as a salty mariner.

Checking out boats at the dock felt just like being in Missouri. We found some fancy pontoons we wouldn’t have minded taking out on the lake.

And right before we had to end our day (which felt much too short, by the way), we came upon this tiki statue to put us all in good spirits. 

Okay, I know I’ve already put a picture of Minnehaha Falls in this post, but I went back a few days later. Isn’t it beautiful with the mist and the setting sun shining down?!


Also made it all the way to the Mississippi River this time.

There’s Lock and Dam no. 1 and the Ford bridge.

Finally, we took a walk around Lake Harriet. In the gardens, the boys found a sundial. 

Henry made a sundial this week for school, so he was especially curious to see how this one worked. His is below. It was roughly 11:30.

I was pretty jealous of this guy out on the paddleboard. It was 5pm, but it was hot out!


Someone painting the flowering trees

Donna has been good about doing Secret Stump things every week of quarantine. This week the boys found dough and instructions for baking a cinnamon swirl loaf!




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  1. Gorgeous pictures of the walks and then you really captured my heart at the end with the cinnamon swirl loaf. It looks divine!


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