May’s End

The irises bloomed at the same time as all of the unrest last week.

It led to a lovely exchange with a man passing by my front yard as I weeded. We shared grateful smiles and ‘hellos,’ and he expressed astonishment at their beauty. We admired their petals together, and shared a nice moment of communal joy.

I saw one final tulip on our walk home from 38th & Chicago on Wednesday evening.

It’s always nice to arrive home, but especially in spring.

Mooooore cupcakes in process!

Henry asked me to take a picture of this piece of charcoal.

On Friday, the people who help our neighbor Donna out weren’t too excited about coming to south Minneapolis, what with all the chaos. The night before had been bad, in terms of destruction. Joe was out doing cleanup work on Lake Street, so the boys and I all headed next door to give her a hand!

She was very happy to have some young energy enter the house after her sleepless night.

She even gave us some beautiful peonies and sugar cookies for our time. Not necessary, but SO appreciated!

We had some leftover homemade frosting from the cupcakes, so we figured it would go perfectly on the cookies. It did.

I put the peonies in my little nook. I’ve been loving having a corner of my own for readin’ and writin.’

We left that afternoon for Little Canada for the night. We were getting notices from the city and various organizations that outsiders were infiltrating the city, etc. When Minneapolis recommended chaining up and hosing down the insides of garbage cans and putting inside anything that could be used for arson or breaking windows…I figured it was probably not the place for my children to sleep for the night. I hastily packed a suitcase, took pictures of every room in the house in case they turned to ashes, grabbed our most important papers and drove up to pick up Joe from his cleanup duties. Since we had a safe place to go, we went.

I still didn’t sleep well, but it was nice to just lie in bed and know my family was safe. We did a pop-up walk with the Novaks the next day, and it felt wonderful to be surrounded by people I love.

The protests continue, and I am in support of them. The voices being raised have been speaking for a long time, but were still not being heard. Now maybe we can all better listen. Now the message is being embodied in so many places and in so many ways, not just on my side of my city. It does seem that some of the immediate, pent-up, local fury has been released. I won’t pretend I wasn’t hesitant to come home for the next night, but we are here, and here we stay. I can only say that I am hugely privileged in this world that I experienced fear like this for a few days. Too many people experience it every day, nearly everywhere they go.

There is nothing like coming home to make you appreciate it, even if it’s only for a night. Everything about home makes me glad to be here.

Our backyard is way up there on the list, though.

It’s good for everything from soaking up the sunshine splashing in the hose to drawing, reading, and even experimenting with remote controlled cars.

Can you see the mustache? He stamped one on himself for the day.

We walked through M.L. King Park today on our walk to find some lunch. Henry was admiring the mosaics, which we don’t often stop to enjoy.


Our intended lunch spot is apparently closed down for awhile. It’s a little hard to tell these days who’s open and who’s not. A few of these businesses make it clear they are, despite the plywood. Boludo, where we were hoping to go, is tucked right in the middle there and is seemingly locked up for now.


Butter Bakery, a good ol’ standby, was there for our lunching needs, although the combo of the boarded up windows, chairs on tables, and needing to take the food to-go made the usually sunshine-y spot feel like an entirely different place.img_20200603_1219559062863205022289221.jpg

We found a shady bench and chairs on the side of the building, though, so we still thoroughly enjoyed our outdoor lunch experience.


Alright, guys, let’s end on a big note here: HENRY FINALLY LOST HIS TOOTH!


It’s technically his second, but the first one fell out at night, and we’re not sure where it ended up. So it’s the first time he’s gotten to hold his tooth in his hand. His permanent teeth seem to grow in behind the baby ones, so his baby teeth take forEVer to fall out. This one’s been with him for…I don’t even know how long.

So, HOORAY!!!!


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