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What’s been going on around here this week? Well, I had my last week of class. Finally! Now I’m actually really truly done and graduated. This was just a wrap-up course, so not a big stressor, but I still had to be on Zoom every day for an hour and a half. I would do class out on the back patio, which was the most pleasant way to do a digital course. The boys usually followed me out there and entertained themselves.


One of the days, Henry sat on my lap for the whole hour and a half. He kept hugging and kissing me, which was delightful. Best class ever. He wanted to hear my classmate’s response to what I’d made for a observation tower design project we’d been assigned the day before. Here it is, haha!


I took this next picture, because I love the colorful soap at the car wash. It makes me very happy to watch the colors drip and mix on their way down the windows and windshield. So I thought I’d share my joy with you.

I often get my school/work things done on the weekends, since I’m on boy duty during the weekdays. So on Saturdays, Joe tends to scoop the boys up and take them somewhere beautiful to hike. Today it must have been somewhere quite muddy, since Henry came home with his hands like this:



Last weekend, while I celebrated my cousin’s baby shower digitally, the boys headed to this gorgeous spot.


It rained that day, but that didn’t keep them from exploring.


I was the one escorting them to this next beautiful place. We had walked to school to pick up their yearbooks, and then continued on to grab sandwiches on the go. This pretty pond is on our walk back home.


We love the bird sounds around it.

We also found tiny toads. The boys will show you just how tiny:

And now I’ll show you for real:

Joy of joys, in the endless rebuilding process of our interstate, they are currently working on the stretch right out front of our house. This makes for lots of house shaking and nighttime beeping, buuuut…we got to watch some mesmerizing work up close.

The view south

The view north.

We walked up to the next two bridges north to see if there were other interesting views, but the best stuff was happening right under our own. When we got back, the view south was fully clear of asphalt. It’s amazing how fast it goes, even though it feels slow while you watch (or are waiting for your entrance to re-open!).

And now, for something big….

I wore these pretty earrings the other day. They were made by my best friend out in California, and when she gave them to me, she said they were perfect for an art teacher.

I wore them in my job interview this week, and they must have made me look the part. I got the job! I’ll be teaching art in the fall at a middle school in New Brighton, a suburb north of the Twin Cities. Hooray!



3 Replies to “What’s up”

  1. I love patio work! I’ve been getting myself out there during the day to work and it’s so pleasant.

    Beautiful earrings and CONGRATS on graduating AND the job!!!! You’ll be amazing.


  2. CONGRATS!!! Such strange times for life milestones, but I hope you got to celebrate with some ice cream, good tea, and/or a walk ❤

    (yay I finally figured out how to comment! whew.)


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