This summer is so weird, that’s all I’m going to say. Often over the fourth of July weekend, we go to the Novaks’ cabin. This year, it was a touch-and-go decision to say the least. But in the end, we decided to make it work. Our answer was to sleep in the shed!


That makes it sound bad, but it was actually very pleasant. The only negative was that air mattresses are just not great. It was totally worth it to get to spend actual time around people we love. We got to swim, chat, laugh with the babies and play games.


They rented a pontoon for the weekend, so we were even able to get out on the water social-distance-style!

Luke’s first boat ride!


The boys were SO happy to be on the lake. I think Charlie would have stayed out all day if that had been an option.

And Henry stayed posted up front for the most part. I think it made him feel like he was a figurehead on the front of a ship.


Back at the ranch, Henry insisted a constant fire be going. It’s his thing, and he takes it very seriously.

Don’t worry, he had plenty of assistance.

Back on the boat for an evening cruise.


Malts and root beer floats were post-dinner delights!

The temperatures were…quite high, so there wasn’t a lot of physical activity going on. But how nice to just sit around and relax.

The hammock was the favorite for the boys. They were constantly begging to be pushed in it so they could pretend they were in a spaceship rocketing through space.

And we all loved getting to be around the babies! They are at such a fun age where they’re still teeeeeny-weeny, but they’re starting to really show their personalities.

We kept our stay short, so after just one night, we headed back to the cities. Unfortunately, that was the night of the Fourth. I forget every year just how much I hate the fourth of July, especially in the city. This year was unusually frustrating, because with no big fireworks happening, everyone in the metro area seems to have done their own. The barrage of explosions was constant and all over the place all night. Ugh. I imagine I was not a very pleasant person to be around the next day.

But once I recovered and did some yoga, the fun resumed.

Yesterday, we baked some sugar cookies.img_20200706_1602486392960087147477847.jpg

I think the results speak for themselves:


Happy July Seventh everyone!

One Reply to “Warmth”

  1. I’ll need your tips on making myself such beautiful sugar cookies!

    Unsolicited opinion. I’d highly recommend getting the Intex air mattress. It costs about $50 and is SO comfortable. I slept on it for about a week and have had a few guests use it before we got another mattress for the guestroom. I’ve even had friends buy it after using it at our place.


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