Up North. part I

TEN years ago today, we all had a big party together. Look at us gettin’ down!


It was a magically fun day the whole way through, from a solo self-manicure at 6am to bocce ball that night at Half-Time Rec


So much has changed since that day, but one thing hasn’t. Joe is the best partner ever and I’m lucky and grateful to have him.


Also for our two little schnookum-bookums. Henry made me this congratulatory necklace this morning to celebrate our anniversary. It jingles.


Three years ago, when we envisioned our 10-year anniversary, Joe and I decided to take a trip to Germany. Of course, we certainly didn’t picture 2020 at all the way it turned out.

Still, Joe planned a lovely road trip for us up the Keweenaw Peninsula in the U.P.

We stopped in Wausau, just to check things out, and we all found it very charming. We found we kept referencing it throughout the week.

There was even a great cupcake shop, Sweet Lola’s, that supplied us with sweets for that night.

Charlie liked all of their retro stuff.

That night we stayed at a cabin near Boulder Junction, Wisconsin with a couple from the Cities. The boys were excited about their bunk bed setup.

Heading down for a canoe ride!


There were oodles of eagles flying around the lake

That night we watched a glorious and unanticipated moonrise over the lake, prior to which we got to enjoy a vast, star-speckled night sky that we never get to enjoy in the city.

It was a lovely start to the trip. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is just way too beautiful for me to condense into one blog post, so we’re going to do this in the style of spring break where I do a post-per-day kind of thing. Buckle up!


Thank you all for going on this journey with me, whether I’ve known you way beyond the last ten years or only just recently. Here’s to much more!

2 Replies to “Up North. part I”

  1. This is beautiful!! I wish both of you so much love and blessings in the years ahead. It is honestly an honor to know both of you and see the love you have for one another and those beautiful little men.

    Love you all!


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