Up North part 3

After a great experience in Ontonagon and the Porcupine Mountains, we picked up some doughnuts for the road and headed further on up the peninsula. We stopped at Twin Lakes State park along the way to get out of the car for awhile and enjoy our doughnuts.


Houghton was another charming spot along the way.


We took a nice long walk around town and made our way to the canal that cuts through the peninsula for shipping purposes.


We even got to see the lift bridge lift for a passing sailboat


Just up the hill was the old Quincy copper mine that had some impressive grounds to explore


Of course Joe had no qualms about just waltzing into the ruins, but it turns out that’s allowed, encouraged, even!


Imagine sitting on one of these “benches” with 29 other people and then being moved down the track to the level you were working at.


No, thanks!


Love a good scale model.


It was SO hot that day, but you can’t keep Henry away from an old locomotive, no matter how much he’s sweating.


Especially when it’s sitting on terrifying old rails like this.


It felt so good to get to Eagle River. It was nice and cool, and the chilly waters of Superior were wonderfully refreshing. We just walked right in, clothes and all, straight from the car.


The next morning, we drove up to Eagle Harbor to see the lighthouse.


Charlie was loving wandering around the old buildings and learning about the history of the harbor. Henry especially liked the big anchors, buoys and other artifacts lying around.


We took a roundabout route to Copper Harbor where we got this impressive view of the area.


We found an old copper mine that actually allowed you to take a self-guided tour below ground at the first level. The Delaware Mine.


It was pretty intense for Henry, but I thought it was really cool.


We also happened upon an old fort for some above-ground exploration.


We ended that packed day by taking in this waterfall back in Eagle River. This same water is what flows into Lake Superior where we spent the rest of our evening playing.


Oh, and eating, too. We had delicious food right out on the beach.


There’s the water from the falls! Joe started that snaking rock path.


Henry and I couldn’t help but continue the work. As I built, it felt like the rocks just needed to turn into a spiral, so that’s what happened.


Joe and Henry waded to the other side of the river to do some stone skipping.


The sun going down over the lapping waves while I read my book on the boulders.


Then I took a walk around town, arriving back just as the sun was hitting the horizon. I think our spiral looks beautiful in this light.


One more day of our Up North travels to come!

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