Up North. The final part

Final days of our trip! What a beautiful journey it was.

We left Eagle River and drove straight through to Duluth, Minnesota. Well, we stopped for pasties along the way, but otherwise, we hit our audiobook (Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer) and a Talking Heads albums hard.


Of course, the whole ride, Charlie was simultaneously reading a second book, and Henry was drawing.


Duluth has had to redo its riverfront area because of rising water and heavier storms. The parts that are finished are so lovely! It’s also charmingly right along railroad tracks, which made the boys positively giddy.

Here’s Joe’s beautiful view from above. He was holding our patio seat up at the Fitger’s Brewery building while our lunch was made.


Lunch! This captures what Henry called his “first time using a goblet.”

Happy boy by the sea

None of us had ever toured the Glensheen Mansion grounds before, so we corrected that.

There’s me on my favorite feature of the house…its patio.


I mean, who wouldn’t want a brick patio with this view?

Just a short hop down to the water. Glorious.


Stone arch bridge! This one’s less filled with pedestrians and bikers than the one in Minneapolis.


Always fun touring houses from different time periods. Our family always seems to find the bathrooms especially interesting!

Me, I think the laundry setups are fascinating. Makes me feel extremely lucky.

The next morning, I wanted to hop in the hot tub in the hotel while the boys explored the docks. When I called to meet up with them, they’d popped over the lift bridge. Just as I arrived on foot at the bridge, this big ol’ ship came by, so I watched the whole process up close and personal.

We didn’t make it to Maine this summer, but we still got to see multiple lighthouses!

Here’s what a lot of the riverfront looked like while it’s being rebuilt. Not as picturesque, but still pretty interesting to these dudes.

And here’s Henry loving up some more big marine artifacts. It’s a good life.


And with that, we grabbed some pastries and bopped on back to Minneapolis. It was a lovely trip, but that first step into the house again always makes me heave a big sigh of relief.

It’s always hard to readjust to regular life after being on break, of course, but being back in the Cities where we can have backyard joy with friends definitely helps ease the sadness.

Plus, after a week without toys, the boys were pretty happy to dive back into playtime.


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