Go on!

Every day is a big experiment.

We’re all just putting different ingredients together, trying different approaches, seeing what happens, and then adjusting based on the results. That’s true all across the board, but it’s especially noticeable as I begin this teaching thing. I go in with what I know and hope will happen, give it a try, shift to accommodate how things are going on the fly, and then reflect afterward so that next time goes smoother. With A & B cohorts and teaching multiple sections of the same class, I end up getting to try delivering some of my lessons six times in person throughout the week. By Thursday, it all goes so smooth!

Then on Mondays, the cycle begins, but at that point I’m excited for new material, so I’m pumped for the new challenge. So far, I have to say, I’m loving this job! I get to organize art supplies, make sketchbooks and cut cardboard, research artists and art styles. It’s great.

Speaking of great…OMG! Henry pulling his little cousin in a wagon. He pulled him all by himself all around Luke’s yard. It was beautiful.

So, who remembers how much I love Halloween? Everyone? Okay, good.


Mom’s annual Halloween box o’ goodies arrived last week, and Charlie dove into his new books before even bothering to sit down.

This weekend, we wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather and see some fall foliage, so Joe brought us to Kinnickinnic State Park in Wisconsin. ‘Twas delightful!

Part of the reason we were so excited to get outdoors was because last week was real yuck-yuck in terms of weather. Cold and dark and we all had minor panic attacks thinking of winter on the horizon.

It also meant we weren’t getting out for walks and things, so we had to get a little creative with our exercise, like Henry on the elliptical here…

Lucky for the boys, my parents decided to send up early birthday presents of scooters!!!!! They spent that whole evening zooming around our living room on them while we FaceTimed with Mom and Dad. They are loving them.

Waiting for Slow-Poke Mom on our way back from the co-op!

This week at Family Dinner, Henry’d had a taste for pulling Luke in a wagon, so he wanted to give it a try again. This wagon was definitely easier for him to pull, and Luke was still a happy camper!

He also got new shoes this week, so he tested them out by leaping over some of Grandma’s flowers. Luckily, the boy can jump!

Beautiful sunset over the highway. I’m spending a lot more time in the car now that I commute to New Brighton. Luckily, a wise friend pointed me toward the podcase ‘Witch, Please!’ which is a delightful and analytical deep dive into the Harry Potter franchise. It makes my time on this road so much more pleasant.

2 Replies to “Go on!”

  1. Fun to see them scootering!! 🛴🛴
    Beautiful scenes of Wisconsin. Loved seeing Charlie on Joes neck! I bet that was a load!


  2. I needed this post of enthusiasm and brightness! Loving the fall vibes at the house. Isn’t fall great when the weather cooperates? So happy work is going well for you. 🙂


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