Switching it Up

Eeek! Scary how the time flies sometimes. Here we are mid-November, and I still have Halloween photos to share.

I’ve always loved Halloween decorations. This year they made me especially joyful. The boys are able to carve their own jack-o-lanterns now, so it’s pretty fun to see what they come up with independently.

We didn’t do any trick-or-treating or handing-out of candy, but Joe set up an elaborate candy scavenger hunt around the house. Donna did the same thing at her house (she even got magnifying glasses, flashlights and piano-accompanied singing involved), so the boys probably had more Halloween fun than ever before, even if it looked different.

Henry then had fun playing the piano while Donna told us stories.

The next night, we went out on a walk to enjoy where we normally trick-or-treat and to see the decorations other people had up.

Up until this week, it was really nice out, so we got some fresh sidewalk chalk and had been spending a good amount of time enjoying the sunshine.

In my classroom on the big, important Tuesday, I had my students fold paper cranes. I figured the country could use all the healing, peaceful vibes we could get. YAY!

The boys and I had a Friday off, and supplies to pick up at their elementary school, so they took a walk down memory lane and hung out on the playground. It was so fun (and sunny and warm!) that we decided to hit another nearby playground. And then another. It was delightful!

Then we got hungry, so we grabbed some burgers and found a nice spot at an amphitheater by a little lake to enjoy them.

The next day was just as beautiful, so we raked some leaves.

Can you spot the Zombie hand?

Joe played some tennis (and ran errands…check out that full bike basket!) and we all decided to go back to the playground we’d enjoyed most the day before. I brought roller blades!

On the ride home, Henry put the blades on. They’re bigger than his head!

It was a super busy week for me, work-wise, since I started a new quarter. That meant a chance to start fresh and do things better, but then also a whole new group of students to get to know. Lotta pressure!

But it went really well, and I’m feeling great. Sadly, now with the spike in COVID cases, my school has to go back to distance-learning, which means I head back to teaching in the basement.

It’ll be nice to be home with these boys again, though!

Last night, we watched Frozen, at the Charlie’s request. To prepare Henry for some of the intense parts, Joe read him a brief, Little Golden Books version of the story. It seems to have eased his mind, because when the movie was over, he asked how soon we could watch Frozen II!

Very weather appropriate, now. BRRRRR!

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