Celebrate Good Times

With the pandemic at its worst yet, it feels a whole lot like March again.
But this time, it’s not new. We’re readjusting instead of reinventing.

We’ve learned some great new tricks from WFH and Distance Learning, like:


and doing sun salutations in our own home instead of in a studio.

But most importantly, we know, without really even thinking about it anymore, how to take full joy in the company of those few people we get to be with. We know that it’s the things we do more than the things we say that matter.

And that’s why, when Charlie said he wanted lasagna for his birthday, Henry and I made those darn noodles ourselves!

Because 10 is a big deal!

It’s also a big deal (though second nature these days) that he can’t celebrate with his friends. So, when he asked for hagelslag (a Dutch breakfast of chocolate sprinkles on toast), I sure did drive to three different stores around the metro to find the right kind of sprinkles. He had been excited about his birthday for a month, and whether he noticed or not, I wanted to do everything in my power to make his day as happy and celebratory as I could.

We were able to do outdoor visits with family, which were really special.
(My toes, which suffer from painful frostbite, were so thankful for Jim’s sauna!)

And he got that Lego set he wanted!

He chose an adorable Thankgiving-themed DQ cake, and Henry, twirling around as he blew out his candles, reminded him to make a wish! It was a day full of joy.

As you probably know, this is a joy-filled week for our family. Thanksgiving, of course, but shortly after comes Henry’s big day! SEVEN

He was born on a Thanksgiving Day, so I’ll always think of his birthday as Thanksgiving. We started the day with bagels and doughnuts, and then spent the day at an elaborate playground in Medicine Lake, soaking up the 50 degree weather.

We’re deep into a book series about a cupcake club (book 26), so picking out cupcakes at Sweet Retreat was the perfect birthday cake options. Before we even saw the cupcakes, though, the boys were enthralled with their gingerbread houses.

And the evidence of the elaborate cakes they have made for people over the years. Charlie loved the Corvette cake, and Henry was most impressed by the cake that looked like a can of Diet Dr. Pepper.

We all looooooved what we chose.

He got a set of bows and arrows for his birthday. Here is his first shot!

It was pure joy watching him experiment

How awesome is this?!

We got two bows, because he’s a partner kind of dude, so Charlie’s training up, too.

How wonderful to have each other

3 Replies to “Celebrate Good Times”

  1. What a great week!! Two special guys with birthdays and Thanksgiving right in there too. You have a lot to be thankful for❤️
    But it doesn’t end!! Joes birthday is just around the corner!!!


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