Happy New Year!

Look at this serious performer

He and all of his small groupmates are performing the story they wrote called, “The Mittenbread Man.” They all made backgrounds and act out their parts using their gingerbread characters. Watching the pride in the students’ faces was the highlight of my week.

That was one of the few spots you could find me around the house over the past few weeks. Here’s another: snuggled up in my new blanket on the couch. One of my biggest challenges post-ER has been sleeping, since it’s pretty difficult to find a horizontal position that doesn’t put pressure on my butt in one way or another. The couch provided okay possibilities, so I enjoyed soaking up Christmas Tree joy at night.

The boys have really enjoyed having the couch transformed into a snuggle zone.

It was lucky that my school is doing distance-learning, because it meant I was able to get by only having a substitute the days I was in the hospital. As soon as I made it home, I was able to work those last few days of school without leaving my cushioned chair.

Joe and the boys have been taking wonderful care of me during what has felt like a very slow healing process. Charlie cheers every time I do something I haven’t done before. My favorite was when he sang me a song after I managed to sit down at the breakfast table all by myself.

Last Sunday, 14 days after my accident, I finally made it out for a two-block walk a few days ago. It was slow going, and I was arm-in-arm with Joe the whole time, but it was so good to be out of the house and moving my muscles again.

Every day since then I have been able to do much more than the day before.

After a reviving evening of nonsense and games on Zoom with friends for New Year’s Eve, I woke up this morning ready to try out some yoga. I have to do it in sloooow motion, and the most difficult motions for me are the “easy” poses like forward-fold and child’s pose. I actually can’t even do the final resting pose, because of where it puts pressure.

But going slow enough, I made it into some shapes that surprised me!

After that warm-up, Joe and I hit the trails!

No no no. I am not skiing! But Joe has taken a dive back into cross-country skiing, and he’s been loving it.

I took the walking paths, and ended the outing curled up in a cozy snowbank (felt good on my sore bum) and read my book.

Most people were wrapped up in their scarves and masks and sunglasses, so there was not a lot of inter-personal interaction at the park, but one young girl gave me a huge smile as she walked past and said, un-prompted, “Happy New Year!”

It was a small gesture, but it just lit up my day!
So I’m passing it on.


Lots of Stars and a Wish

We had fun getting our house ready for Christmas two weekends ago. Got a beautiful tree, made some hilarious gingerbread cookies (including cowboys and ghosts) and discovered some new Christmas tunes we hadn’t heard or appreciated before

That Sunday, I got to see Julia!!! First time in a year. We met up in Clear Lake and walked the whole area. Luckily, the weather cooperated, and being outside for five hours wasn’t too chilly. We found a cool kids’ camp that was definitely worth a good explore.

Then, after a week of teaching, I got to see her again! We got to enjoy a snowy walk and have coffee loitering like teenagers. I told them to look loiter-y and this is what I got:

Then we walked over to my brother’s new home! They’ve got some fantastic patios, and we tested one out that night wrapped in blankets. It was lovely!

After the tour, we did some sledding on the hill across the street

We warmed up by baking some more gingerbread and enjoying Grandma Penny’s extensive sprinkle and cookie cutter selection.

Evening reading time always seems to get silly somehow!

Sunday morning, when it was time to wrap up our visit, I suggested sledding as a final activity before we loaded into the car to head north.

It was super fun, with some great rides. Unfortunately, the final ride was me slamming into a downed tree. The EMTs had to drag me up the snowy hill to the ambulance, and they were pretty vocal about what hard work it was.

My tailbone area has a lot of healing to do, but the big problem was getting dizzy and nauseated when I sat/stood.

Therefore, it’s Tuesday morning and I am still in the hospital. I’m feeling much improved, and am able to move around on my own, so hopefully I’m out of here really soon.

I have felt so loved and cared for while I have been in here, even though visits aren’t allowed. Bret and Leslie brought me Chinese (including my ultimate comfort food…egg drop soup!) and a blanket knit by Grandma Betty, which has been warming and comforting me to no end

I’m super lucky in so many ways! I do wish I’d skipped that sled run, though