Just Keep Swimming

For my birthday, I usually go to an art museum and go ice skating. When I envisioned my COVID birthday, I thought, “Hey! At least I’ll still get to go skating!”

With my injury, that was obviously not an option either.

Luckily, my mobility keeps getting better, so we were able to go on a short hike. Joe’s the expert at finding great places to walk, so I asked him for somewhere flattish, with dirt trails (paved ones can be icy, which is scary for me right now), and is a bit of a drive away so we could really get out there and listen to some How to Train Your Dragon, as read by David Tennant. He remembered Cleary Regional Park, the place where Henry found his great quill feathers.

A lot of people were out cross-country skiing there as well. We even saw someone with an infant car seat tucked into an inner-tube that they pulled along behind them as they went! So cute.

Henry would sprint in bursts, making some kind of vehicle noise, and then would rest in the snow to regain his energy.

I thought a break sounded nice, too, so the boys and I took a rest together.

While we ate our lunch back home, we enjoyed some winter rainbows courtesy of prisms Meagan sent!

It really was a lovely birthday! I’m so happy for the darling people I live with

For Christmas this year, we got the boys Nintendo, and they’ve been loving their Mario Kart break of the day! They have also been enjoying some of the classic Mario games, which is fun to watch.

Those silly boys bringing some last minute joy to me right before their bedtime.

The next day, we celebrated Colleen’s birthday belatedly with a lovely walk through Como Park. Babies!!!

It was a gorgeous afternoon

Henry was curious what he looked like in his snowpants. I told him I’d take a picture, and that he should make the face he wanted to see. Hahahahahaha!

School started up the next day for all of us. Henry was really looking forward to it, and Charlie was bummed. I was…ambivalent.

But now that we’re halfway through the week, I can honestly say it’s been good. It’s nice to have some more purpose to our days, and it gives me a good distraction from my butt!

Henry’s learning oodles about snakes and other animals, and loving sharing his new facts. Charlie is finding he still has plenty of time to create Lego scenes and read, so being back in school’s not so bad.

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