Frost those cupcakes everyone, for distance learning is coming to a close!

Hopefully it will stick, and the dinner table can go back to just holding food and books as it should.

While quarantine isn’t at an end, it does feel like this is a new chapter at least. I baked a loaf of bread recently, and I realized it was the first one I’d baked since I was in grad school. I never actually baked bread during our time all together at home, which would have been a great time to do it. Ah well!

It has been bitterly cold around here for awhile now, and I’m looking forward to being able to get out again without fear of frostbite.

Joe, on the other hand, has been skiing and going for long walks throughout it all. You just can’t keep this man inside. Unless it’s hot and sunny out, that is.

Joe basking in the -12 temps

The boys don’t get out in it much, but they’re in for a short walk now and again.

For Henry it’s more of a sprint.

Then he stops and wonders what’s taking everyone else so long.

Guess it’s gonna be awhile.

For Christmas, the boys got a great Escape-Room-in-a-Box, and we had a ton of fun solving all of the puzzles

Finding wrong answers were just as much fun as finding right ones!

We escaped! WHEW! It was a close call there for a minute

Even though Henry’s now back in school in person, and Charlie starts next Monday, after-school stuff is still online. Henry’s been liking watching Charlie’s chess tournaments so much that last week he did a little playing of his own during the meet.

Charlie had a yucky stomach the other night, so the couch bed has made a return! It was the first time any of us has been “sick” at all this winter. There are some definite upsides to quarantine

I can’t say I’ll miss teaching in the chilly basement…because I’ll keep doing it on Fridays.

But at least I’ve got my setup all nice and cheery now. I’m nervous about going back in-person next week, and I have not enjoyed having to keep switching up my teaching format back-and-forth. So yet another switch is making me anxious and exhausted.

Hopefully it will all go well and there will be minimal change for the remainder of the year. I’m ready for some good solid routines to be able to develop, but I’m hardly holding my breath.

Think good thoughts for all of us as we transition–the boys and I to being at school, and Joe to working from home by himself. It’ll be an adjustment for all.