Getting Out

Bonfires, man. That’s where it’s at.

These two are quite a delightful pair. I imagine this year has had profound impacts on all sibling relationships. It’s been fun to see these two navigate everything together.

We got out for a couple of impromptu hikes last weekend in the Hastings area.

There was water, and we are magnetically drawn to water we can play with.

All of our shoes got wet, but Henry’s actually had to be dumped out after

Then on Sunday we had another delightful afternoon at Powderhorn Park

We found what is definitely the best seesaw in the world.

We even got to have a Sarah accompany us!

After the park, we had a girls date to the Museum of Russian Art, which is one of my top favorite museums anywhere. There was a Marlena Myles exhibit that we had to check out, and I’m so glad we did. We also got the chance to snap this selfie with Don Quixote, a literary acquaintance from way back when we first met, over 15 years ago.

And then…it was my spring break!

Apparently I was the only person who thought a hike in Kinnickinnic State Park in Wisconsin was the place to be in the middle of a weekday.

You can’t really tell, but that’s a very long, very steep, and pretty slippery hill behind me in this next shot. I made it down and up with no problem. What a difference a month makes! Still feeling feelings around the tailbone, but they limit me no more.


You have to go to the beach for Spring Break, I heard.

Hello, St Croix River

I couldn’t make a sandcastle, so I made a snowperson named Sandy.

Found the Purple Trail, because I love purple.

The main destination of the day was River Falls. It was lovely, but photographing Main Streets just doesn’t ever turn out. There are always too many cars that end up in the middle of the shot. So you’ll just have to go there and see it. I mostly enjoyed the town’s river walk along the Kinnickinnic. I liked what they called the Swinging Bridge.

Something I’ve missed dearly during Quarantimes is reading a book in a public place while enjoying a beverage of some kind. I’m so glad patio season is back!

Here’s one more Henry grin to send you off to the rest of your day in a good mood. Go forth and be awesome!

Inching Along

There is a lot on the horizon, with my vaccination process half-over, students coming back full-time soon and spring just peaking its head out every so often! Co-workers are even talking about things for next school year.

I am a planner. I like to know what things will happen, when they will happen, and what I can possibly do ahead of time to be prepared when that moment comes. I sometimes pack for trips a week in advance.

But right now my homework for myself is to say, “Enough.”

This is not a year where planning far in advance does any good at all, so what I’ve ended up with are a lot of scrambled, re-worked plans that cost me much more effort and stress than if I’d just waited until closer to the time.

I’m allowing more space in my brain to prepare enough in advance, and then stop. I’m trying to more intentionally enjoy the moments.

It’s enough to just listen to a Henry story while whisking myself up some matcha.
There’s nothing more important I could do with my time.

Luckily, with the weather turning, there is also more opportunity for gathering with our friends! But even on bitter cold days, we’re still making it happen.
I find that all those work cares and scheduling stressors vanish magically when I’m with friends.

I don’t have a lot of photos of the boys to show you, because with my students back in school, the yearbook committee hounds us daily for photos of them. And it’s not actually ethical for me to post photos of my students, so I can’t even share those.

But I can show you this silly tower I made while we were taking an outdoor break during my 3D Art period.

Also my silly sculpture. I call it Essence of Elephant.

And beads! We were not working on a beading project at all, but amongst their experimenting, several students managed to find some and make themselves bracelets!

So that’s all, folks. It’s a short pop-in for now from me, but rest assured we are all doing well at our home. Joe’s said goodbye to skiing season and is welcoming biking with open arms. Both boys are now having positive experiences in school, and we’re all sleeping much better at night.

My back and wrist are feeling hugely healed from my accident, and with the help of a wrist-guard I’m back at the yoga mat! It’s been huge for helping me embrace the “enough” mindset I’m going for.

Here you can enjoy all my patterns for Wacky Wednesday at school for Spirit Week today

Happy March!