It’s been a week of connection and re-connection for me. I have new students for the final quarter of school, so I’ve focused on having them create art that shows me who they are, and where their interests and talents lie. One of their options for Week One was to show me what they carry with them, in terms of objects or experiences. I made examples of two different ways to do that, and got a liiiiittle bit carried away. I spent hours and hours on them, because it was so much fun to think about and explore.

  1. What I carry with me when I leave the house

2) Left hand, my past
Right hand, my present
Background, things that have stuck with me all along

It’s also been a joy to re-connect with people we’ve been isolated from for awhile.
Mom got to give her art skills a workout with clay and rainbow scratch paper

Dad learned a little about swordfighting

Henry says, “Grandpa’s not the greatest at sword-fighting, but he always wins at tickle-fights!”

I had a yoga anatomy workshop that Saturday, but Joe brought the troops up to Nicollet Island to enjoy the river, sunshine and cherry blossoms

That night, we got lucky with two more visitors: My Grandparents!

It was a quick visit, but a great one. On their way back south, they had arranged to take a casual tour of their former house in Apple Valley. We sort of invited ourselves along, and guess what’s still there?

The growth marks of my cousins and I as we grew up!

The backyard looks dramatically different. I’m curious to see what it becomes over time. It was weird to see the putting green and sand trap gone, but the boys really enjoyed hopping along the old stepping stones that are still there.

Inside, the house is decorated differently, but for the most part has the same feel to it. It was so much fun to explore. The owners were so kind and friendly!

Monday, we got to see both of the babies together again!

Nora was so curious about whatever the boys were up to

They wouldn’t let her turn the pages from down on the floor, so maybe if she climbed up on the couch???

Aunt Carlye, why won’t those boys let me turn all the pages?

She’s also great at finding belly buttons.

It was a tense and heavy week in our city, so it felt good Tuesday evening to walk up to George Floyd Square and feel the collective lightening of spirits.

The boys were learning from home Wednesday-Friday this week, so there was a return of some of those cooped-up feelings. The best way to let that go turned out to be a rubber duck race along our neighborhood creek!

Our neighborhood association put on the race as a fund-raiser and way to bring some joy! There were 2,000 sponsored ducks ‘racing’ from one part of the creek to the next, with people cheering and helping stuck ducks all along the way. We did a combo of walking alongside them and staying in one place.

These two ducks just floated to the short by us. I think they were feeling tired and just wanted to take a breather.

We found a nice island where the boys could get a good view, help ducks, and play in the water/mud. It was perfect.

We saw every duck, first-to-last, float down the creek. Here’s the crew coming through in waders to rally on the stragglers. Henry decided he wants some waders. Boots that are pants? Just what he needs.

The event was very well attended, but as you can see here, we were some of the last spectators standing. It’s always so hard to leave a creek

Lovely Days

We had a spot of lovely weather for awhile there! It just snowed, but I do hope we’ll get back to warmth soon.

While it was nice, we got to enjoy some backyard relaxation and fairy-garden tending

Even when we were inside, the sunshine meant rainbows were everywhere!

Vaccination is so sweet! Family dinners are such a joyful part of the week.

You don’t have to be a kid to have fun zooming around the driveway! A lot of us get in on the action.

The toddlers can’t WAIT to get to do their own zooming

We’re still not to outdoor planting time up here yet, but I’m so proud of how well my indoor plants have been doing.

Now that we’re not all at home during the day (just Joe), our family time has become more precious and so much more appreciated.

A good Monopoly session on Saturday morning was the perfect way to start off the boys’ spring break.

Then we had a sunny Easter celebration in which we actually had to apply sunscreen! What a world!!!!

And then, my three guys headed off on their spring break adventure. I missed them oh so much! But they had Lanesboro, Decorah, Dubuque, Madison, etc. to discover.

Here’s a pic Joe took of them in their cozy window beds in Dubuque.

I’ve started my final quarter of the schoolyear. I can’t believe I’ve made it this far! I’ve learned just oh, so much in these long months.

Alright, let’s end on a Henry creation. Wouldn’t you love to sip some iced tea out of this?!
Kids just know how to do life better, I think.