It wasn’t the easiest month for me, work-wise. My 8th grade students have been really feeling burnt out, and then they had standardized testing for a couple of weeks, and it was not pretty.

Luckily, back in October, Joe was researching around, as he does, and happened upon beautiful camper cabins you can rent at a county park south of Farmington. Turns out, they book up six months out, so, on a whim, he rented us a night in one, not knowing what May Day would look like for us.

It was the perfect thing at the perfect time.

It was beautiful and quiet and rustic. Just the getaway we needed, and only a 30 minute drive.

Wandering the grounds of the park, chatting with the boys, was so nice.

I checked out a book from the library with instructions for a whole bunch of different games you can play with a deck of cards. I was perusing it, when Henry looked over my shoulder and got very excited to pick some out to try.

It was really nice to play games that we all learned together. There was no teaching or explaining, just doing. I loved it. My favorite was ‘Cucumber.’ I was decidedly the loser, but it was a great game!

The next morning, while Joe and I got things packed up, Charlie and Henry made up their own games to play together.

They also had fun with the big wheelbarrow provided for lugging items to and from your car.

On the other side of the park was this cool playground that didn’t look like any playground I’ve ever seen. The ‘play’ parts were beautifully tucked into an observation area along the top of a hill. Henry liked this net built into the viewing platform.

Charlie checked it out, but was pretty happy to get back onto solid ground after. I tried it out, and it was, indeed, a little unnerving!

Back at home, our yard is looking so gorgeous. I love apple blossom/tulip time!

When I see all of the blossoming trees, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with happiness. For a couple of weeks every year, trees are magically covered in more beautiful flowers than you could possibly count. Glorious.

In the backyard, we’re trying out lentils this year, instead of our usual pumpkins

My yoga studio celebrated its 4th birthday this past weekend! It would be hard to overstate the positive, far-reaching effects this place has had on my life. It was one of my long-time dreams to have a regular studio that I loved that was within walking distance of my house. I figured it would never actually happen, but a girl can dream. I joined just a few months after they opened, and from that very first class, my world was rocked in all the best ways. My health, happiness, strength, sense of community, self-knowledge, resilience in hard moments, and ability to process joyful ones have all gone way up. Thanks, Up!

The studio celebrated by embracing and amplifying the skills and knowledge of one of its members, which is so cool. She learned how to tie dye during quarantine, and ended up getting really into it. During the birthday party she helped us all tie dye our very own things.

All our projects turned out lovely. I’m sure you’ll see photos all of us wearing our items over time, but here’s Joe’s handiwork!

I don’t do a lot of constructive sewing in my life, since it fills me with rage. I enjoy a good mending session, but in terms of creating something new using the sewing machine, I have about a one-per-year quota. I finished this year’s project that night. It’s a yoga bolster using scraps from our dining room chair coverings and old cloth napkins!

For Mother’s Day, I got to enjoy breakfast in bed. Everybody joined me, and we all looked at my cards together and played with my new action figures! If you haven’t watched the show Ted Lasso yet, I’d recommend it. It inspired this delightful gift.

Donna brought over a Mother’s Day gift for me, and her outfit matched my blossoming tree beautifully. So I had to document the moment. (You can see a little bit of my tie dye as well)

This week in the art room, we’re working on human proportions in preparation for our portrait project. I thought making our own paper dolls would be a fun way to do that. Look, it’s me!!!