“Take the World in a Love Embrace”

We’ve had some amazing weekends recently.

I had a whole weekend to myself, and dove into all things Carlye. I hit The Gnome’s patio, did as much yoga as I could, enjoyed Art-A-Whirl with friends, watched Doctor Who and walked around Lake Harriet.

Then, when the boys came back, it felt glorious to just be with them. One night, Charlie suggested a walk, and we went by Pumphouse. It’s been closing early, so we didn’t expect it to actually be open, but it was!

They’ve been selling strictly pints this year, and no one’s been allowed in the store, so it was super special that we got to have actual ice cream cones. They have these amazing homemade cones that we’ve definitely been missing. Ice cream’s just better on a cone!

It’s been very rainy lately. Here are the boys tromping through our alley to the school bus in the morning.

Two weekends ago, though, it was sunny all weekend, so we hit, I think, 5 different playgrounds. Phelps was the first.

Joe getting acrobatic

We were at Theodore Wirth Park picking up Joe’s race packet for his 5K the next day, and you know who lives right nearby? Nora!

Then that afternoon, Henry had a school group project to work on. As you can see, they worked very diligently on that schoolwork.

On race day, we found a perfect playground spot to enjoy while waiting for Joe to run by. It was filled with bird and frog songs, and they also had beautiful musical play elements.

Charlie’s over by the woods through which the runners pass. We ended up missing Joe, because he ran the 10K by mistake!

For Memorial weekend, we enjoyed 4 days at the cabin. The weather was chillier and more overcast than we’d hoped, but the company was lovely. A rented pontoon gave us some beautiful water time, even if we had to bring sweatshirts.

It was so fun to play with the little ones. The boys just love showing them fun games.

They call this one “Ba-boom!”

Nora came up with this one. Belly Button Hunt!

Imaginary boat rides hold their own joy. Nothing like full control of the wheel

We also tested the live well capacity. Turns out it can hold about half a Charlie

and a whole Henry

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