Twin Cities Love

The Monday after we got back from Maine, we had a very special Family Dinner, with Grandma Helen in attendance and Ellie joining us all the way from Cape Cod.

Henry had lots of information to share with Grandma.

Ellie took some lovely photos of the crew!

Henry kept going back in for more Helen hugs ❤

Ellie gave us a delightful kids cookbook, which kick-started the boys’ dive back into cooking. I go through phases where I remember they love to cook and make time and space for it. So this was a perfect whack over the head for me.

They cooked three nights in a row

Okay, so this was more like…baking…but you just don’t say no to kids wanting to make you cupcakes with Reese’s in them. You just don’t.

Discovery of the month was the Riverview Theater’s children’s movie matinees. It’s an amazing old-style (and just generally old…but in great shape) theater. It was Henry’s first time seeing a new movie in a theater! We saw The Croods: A New Age, which was actually really fun. Nick Cage does the voice for the caveman father, and Cloris Leachman is the feisty grandma.

Ready for the show!

The weekend of the Fourth, the boys spent in Wisconsin with Grandma and Grandpa. I drove them up there, and Henry had a tough time saying goodbye when I tried to leave. We realized it’s the first weekend we’ve spent apart in…????

But I did make my way back to the Cities, and Joe surprised me with a night’s stay in an old Summit Ave Mansion, enjoying the Cathedral Hill neighborhood, even taking a swim at the University Club, or as their signage says: Vniversity Clvb.

We hosted a party for the Fourth, and then got to have lunch on Monday with my dad, who drove all the way from Pella, Iowa to deliver us new furniture! What a guy!!!

Here we are enjoying the sofa from Grandma Jan and Grandpa Mel’s former living room. They did all of the hard work of moving to a new place, and though a crew of folks were actually there to help, somehow we got lucky and got a furniture upgrade. We’re very grateful!

Sometime during the pandemic, Joe and some friends started playing darts in each others’ garages. The boys really struggle to throw that high, so I made them a makeshift version of the board and hung it lower. So come play darts with us! All heights welcome

There must have been something going around in my family that week that compelled us to drive long distances to be someplace for significantly less time than we spent in the car to get there. Drew and Grandma Betty and Grandpa John came up to enjoy a Twins’ game and invited us along!

It was simply perfect weather for enjoying a game. We didn’t roast or freeze, but simply enjoyed the pleasant breeze…with some ice cream, of course.

Look, Gramps! A photo of you and me together. Only one post later than promised.

We’ve gotten to enjoy some quality time in Katy’s backyard this week. Here Henry is using a golf club as a cane, pretending he’s a little old man. I distinctly remember doing that myself as a child!

Last weekend, we had lunch at the St Paul Airport. Did you know that was a thing?! Me either. It’s for small, private planes. We got to watch someone land this plane, park it and walk right up to the restaurant for lunch. Then they took off again!

We were not flying anywhere, but rather on our way to Battle Creek Park for a nice hike.

We ended up getting turned around when Henry wanted to follow a mountain bike trail, so the boys were feeling like this by the end:

Didn’t help that Henry realized his shoes are too small. Turns out they were two sizes too small! So we fixed that the next day. Here he is showing off both his new shoes and the lightsabers he made out of gift wrap tubes and duct tape.

This week they’re at Y camp during the day, so I’ve been able to have free time and get projects done. Yesterday when I was walking home from yoga, I saw this in progress.

We miss you, Curran’s!