Happy Camping

This past weekend, we drove up to Bayfield, Wisconsin, on the Lake Superior shore to take the ferry across to Madeline Island.

Joe is a great adventure planner, and this one was to celebrate our 11th anniversary, which was on Saturday.

We camped at the Big Bay Town Park. It was the first time the four of us have all camped together, and it went just wonderfully!

The last time we were on the island, I was pregnant with Henry. I also bet this tree was upright then. Not often you see a tree from the bottom!

I distinctly remembered beautiful, huge rocks on the shoreline of the State Park. I wanted to get back to see them again, so we went for a hike.

We found them!

I just love the water!

Henry had been antsy to get the hike over with, but once he found this spot, we couldn’t drag him away.

Hello, Joe!

After the hike, we hit the town looking for lunch. Luckily, I had brought snacks, because once we saw the docks lined with boats, lunch had to wait. Each boat needed to be examined first.

Shuffleboard at the lunch spot

…followed by some ice cream. I liked that Henry’s ice cream matched his suit.

Then, it was finally time for the beach!

Charlie’s that tiny black dot in the water in the upper left corner of this pic.

Naturally, Henry had to bury himself.

The water felt so refreshing!

Someone had dug a really deep hole, so the boys contributed

Then it was the perfect time to roast some hot dogs for dinner

Then Henry got to do some fire poking before bedtime.

It felt wonderful to sleep in our own beds Sunday night, after two nights in sleeping bags. It’s also always fun to see how my plants look after being away. Even though it was only a few days, I feel like my hydrangeas really went nuts.

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