Calm Before The Storm

School just started for us here in Minneapolis. It’s been a hectic start, with some highs and lows. But we knew it was coming, so we made the very best of our last few weeks of summer break.

We checked off everything on our Do-Before-School list, including some great playgrounds.

There’s never any shortage of silliness or adventure with our crew, but for good measure, we made a special effort to get some more of that in, too.

I harvested a whoooooole tablespoon of lentils from my garden. Always fun to try growing something new.

Henry couldn’t wait for Labor Day Weekend to play a specific card game with Zach and Derek, so we drew our own cards and played it with “Henry Rules.”

I had been waiting until COVID was “over” to visit my friends in Chicago, but that is obviously not going to be anytime soon. So I bought a last-minute plane ticket to reunite with my lovelies after such a very long time.

I swaddled and bounced this little sweetheart when she was a month old, and that was the last time we’d been together!

When it’s been a year, breakfast just is NOT enough time to catch up. So we ended up turning one meal into two, with a long walk in between.

Chef Ryan invited us to his new house for an incredible dinner, followed by some lively badminton in the backyard.

All weekend, Rosie was dying for her daddy to dance with her while listening to Tool. It was…simply beautiful.

The next day, back in the Twin Cities, I got to see two more very special 2-year-olds. It’s so fun how different they all are from each other.

We also had some special guests. Hi, Helen and Elizabeth!

On Friday, we headed up to the cabin for the long weekend.

The littles got really into throwing rocks into the water.

We anticipated chilly weather, but it was simply gorgeous, and it wasn’t buggy.

“Ready for a game, Henry?”

As always, the swing set was a happenin’ place.

(This is actually a photo from last time we were at the cabin, but Colleen sent it to me later on, and I love it!)

Henry’s happy place

S’mores using Snickers. S’nores?

I knew Charlie liked canoeing and wading around in water…so I wondered if he would like kayaking. I suggested it, and it turns out…yes!

After watching for awhile, Henry, naturally, wanted to try it, too.

Once Charlie was done, I joined Henry for the last little bit. It was lovely!

Such a great end to summer.

When we got home, our new kitchen blinds had been delivered, so for my last home-improvement task before the school year kicked off, I installed them.
Checking things off my list feels so good!