A few weekends ago, Joe was up at the cabin with the car. Getting everywhere car-less was my favorite part about the weekend! We took bus rides, long walks and scootered along the creek. Our first destination was TRUCKSPLORATION. It’s one of our favorite annual events that was cancelled last year. Felt good to be back, checking out all the community helper vehicles.

In the Viking’s Table truck that provided a tasty lunch for us.

Gotta love a walk home that takes you by Lake Harriet.

The next day, after a glorious scooter/walk to church, Sarah drove us all out to an apple orchard.

None of us actually wanted/needed apples (our apple tree fruited this year, so we’ve got oodles), but I pushed hard for the corn maze, and we all wanted to hit up the pumpkin patch.

The boys leading the way

Charlie made an excellent choice

Sarah did NOT understand why the pumpkins were neatly cut from the vines.

Ahhhh! Family dinner. Charlie looks forward to seeing his cousins all week.

The next weekend, a local ski hill opened up their chairlifts for rides to view the fall foliage. It’s still pretty green here, but it was a total win of an event. It was fun to get the views, and at the top of the hill there were bonfires, food, and live music.

Afterward, we hit up a big ol’ potluck with friends

Testing out Gigi’s new bike

I also tried a beginner aerial yoga class that was…incredible! I’m super excited to do more.

So all that good weekend outdoor time with wonderful people has been what powers me. Work was just feeling worse and worse. Seeing their art all up when we did critiques was inspiring and happifying. Here are some particularly fun ones

But still…it wasn’t enough. I hated the way I felt in the class space most of the time, and I spent hours awake in the middle of the night stressing (and trying not to stress, but then stressing that I couldn’t stop stressing…you all know what I mean). Diving into a particularly difficult age group–that I have no experience with–during a pandemic last year was obviously challenging. But having 40 of them, who are post-pandemic stressed and have forgotten how to exist at school together, in a collaborative classroom with art supplies…well, I just don’t have the classroom management experience for that. One day.

Two weeks ago, I decided to put in my notice. Today was my last day in that classroom. As I have been packing up the things from the room that are mine, I took a closer look at one of the collages I made in grad school and have displayed. It’s a really big collage, but I liked this particular area. Felt fitting for me right now.

I’m thrilled to be done, and to have nothing definite on the horizon. Getting to see the boys tackle their own new challenges, like riding a two-wheeler and learning cello are making me feel so happy.

It’s also a good reminder that skills take time. While sometimes we have to frantically doggy paddle when life dunks us into the ocean, swimming can be way less stressful and be handled more gracefully if we master basic strokes first. I’m incredibly lucky that I am able to opt out of the deep water that I’ve found myself in, and figure out where my shallow end is to build up my skills and strength.

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  1. All of the good vibes for you to find what the next right thing is! You made it through a crazy year. Also I love the aerial yoga leap! I’m considering taking up dance class just for fun.


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